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  • A Healthier Me

    Sixty Seconds with Judi Recently I have been consulting with a nutrition specialist. I am (Ugh Umm) at a certain age where I need to be more conscious of my eating habits. Long gone are those days where I can eat whatever I want and not see an immediate impact on my weight, blood sugar
  • Strawberry Festival

    Sixty Seconds with Judi There are some days when I come to work and I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the farm. Today was one of those days. On this particular morning, I needed to be in extra early. I was rushed, hurried and seriously lacking coffee until I was suddenly stopped by the beautiful
  • Bring on Summer

    Sixty Seconds with Judi This weekend is the unofficial start of summer and after the long cold and wet spring we’ve had, it feels so deserving to know that we are rewarded with summer days. Our moods will automatically change as we turn our faces toward the sun like the flowers in a field. Suddenly,
  • Strawberry Festival

    Special attractions Giant Strawberry Shortcake Giant Strawberry Shortcake Delaware County’s largest Strawberry Shortcake! Pick Your Own Pick Your Own Pick your own opens at 8am! See More Makin' Music Makin' Music Star-studded performances from our friends at Makin’ Music! What to know Linvilla Orchards's Strawberry Festival takes place annually at the beginning of June during