Everything you need to care for your indoor and outdoor plants.

Everything you need to care for your indoor and outdoor plants.

What to know

Once you've selected your plants, we have what you need to identify it, plant it, water it, prune it, feed it and care for it. We have the right fertilizers and soil amendments to nurture your plants. You'll also find tools and supports to keep your garden weed free and your plants standing tall.

Garden Tools & Accessories

The right tool can make any garden job easier.

Our quality tools from Worth, Dewit, Earthway, Felco and Dramm will last and last. Build your library with gardening books and how-to guides which will spark your imagination and creativity. You’ll need gloves for you and the kids to plant your garden and we have them in all sizes and colors. You can show off your plants by using our wrought iron shepherd hooks, plant stands or window boxes. Ask our staff to help you pick the right tool for your project. We’ll help you make gardening a joy rather than a chore.

Soil & Mulch

The right soil is the key to a healthy plant.

Linvilla’s Garden Center offers many types of soil amendments to create the ideal conditions necessary for your plants to succeed. Our soil testing kits can help to determine which products you need. Bagged leaf compost, mushroom soil, humus and composted manure add nutrients to the soil. Perlite, vermiculite and peat moss are commonly added to help aerate the soil and retain soil moisture. Lime increases the pH and acidifiers reduce it.  

Your garden beds will benefit from additional topsoil and a layer of mulch. Mulch will ward off weeds and help retain moisture in the summer months while adding a finishing touch to your property. We have many varieties and colors in bags or Linvilla’s own bulk mulch is available by the yard. Our mulch is triple ground and undyed leaving it with a natural, dark brown color. 

Our complete line of potting soils includes material for seed starting, houseplants, orchids, cactus and African violets.

Bulk top soil, garden soil, Mushroom soil, compost and Mulch available by the yard.

Lawn & Plant Care Products

Our Lawn & Plant Care Department has everything you'll need to properly care for every type of yard and garden.

Our experts are here to to help you preserve your sanctuary. Many gardens encounter challenges from rodents, insects and weeds. We have products that can safely rid your garden of slugs, stink bugs, deer, groundhogs and rabbits. A variety of weed control products are available from mulch to herbicides. You can also choose to control pests the natural way using our beneficial insects including ladybugs and praying mantis.

We offer full lines of Pennington & Bonide grass seed and lawn fertilizers.  We trust that their products will easily help you grow and care for an attractive and healthy lawn.  


Garden Décor

An impressive selection of functional garden accessories.

We offer a large selection of quality indoor and outdoor pottery that is well designed, durable and decorative. Many shapes, sizes and colors are available for a variety of uses to decorate your home inside or out.

Terrariums & Fairy Gardens


The Terrarium plants section provides many plant options to create your own terrarium. We have hanging glass and table options available.  Add our fun fairy garden figures and create your own fairy garden. 

Make your own by joining our Build your own terrarium class.

Bird Seed, Feeders & Houses

Here at Linvilla Orchard’s Garden Center we carry a variety of quality seed and suet.  We also have a large selection of feeders and bird houses for our little feathered friends. If you are new to the birding community ask one of our Garden Center Staff members for help or pick up a piece of literature that we offer.