Our market is filled with wholesome and delicious treats.

Our market is filled with wholesome and delicious treats.

From the Kitchen

Linvilla's Homemade Soups

1/2 Dozens: Potato · Sweet Cheese · Jalapeno · Sauerkraut · Crab · Cheese steak · Chicken Cheese steak

If you would like to guarantee a certain variety, please feel free to call (610)876-7116 and we'll be sure to order it!


Linvilla's Own Fudge

Here at Linvilla, we pride ourselves on the ability to make a lot of our own yummy sweet treats by hand.  One of these treats consists of Linvilla’s Own Creamy Fudge.  Over the years, we have perfected our recipe for the container of fudge that is on the shelves in our Farm Market.  With only the finest ingredients used, our Master of Confections creates flavors from Plain Chocolate and Plain Vanilla to Red Velvet and Cherry Limeade.   At any given time, you can see the following flavors on our shelves…

Amaretto Chocolate · Apple Cider Doughnut · Apple Pie · Banana · Birthday Cake · Blueberry Cheesecake· Butter Pecan · Butterfinger Kit Kat Crunch · Butterscotch · Caramel Vanilla Peanut · Chocolate Almond Coconut · Cherry Lime Swirl · Chocolate Chip Mint · Chocolate Praline · Chocolate Brownie · Chocolate Marshmallow · Chocolate Smothered Pretzels · Dark Chocolate, Caramel & Pretzels · Eggnog · Fruit Pebbles · Irish Potato · Lemon Blueberry · Mochaccino · Neapolitan · Orange Cream · Oreo Cookie · Peach Cream · Pumpkin Cheesecake · Raspberry Lemonade · Rocky Road · Root Beer Float · Sherbet · Strawberry Banana · Turtle · Vanilla Candy Cane · Vanilla Chocolate Swirl · Watermelon

From the Dairy

Baily’s Dairy of Pocopson Meadowbrook Farm

Linvilla Orchards has been working with Baily’s Dairy Farm for many years now.  Baily’s Dairy Farm make it their goal to offer nothing but wholesome hormone-free milk and other dairy products from grass fed free range cows.   Their milk is pasteurized and bottled right at the farm.  Baily’s Dairy Farm is the recipient of the Prestigious “Dairy of Distinction” Award which celebrates excellence in dairy farming and dairy products.  Our weekly deliveries include Gallons, ½ Gallons and Pints of Whole Milk, 1½ % Milk, Skim Milk, Chocolate Milk & Heavy Cream. Heavy Cream sold only pint sized

Nelson's Dutch Ice Cream

Nelson’s Dutch Ice Cream has remained true to its “Old Fashioned hand-dipped” style of creating ice cream since 1935.  Their headquarters remain in Montgomery County and we are proud to have carried their products for over a decade.  It is a super-premium ice cream made with 16% butterfat & 41% milk solids.  Our Nelson’s Dutch Ice Cream freezer in stocked year-round with their most popular flavors that perfectly with a slice of pie.  As the weather gets warmer, we bring in more of the flavors we have all grown to love.  From Spring into Winter, we also offer Waffle Cones, Sugar Cones and Bowls of hand scooped ice cream.   

·Black Raspberry · Bullwinkle · Butter Brickle · Butter Pecan · Butterscotch Vanilla · Cake Batter Swirl · Cherry Vanilla · Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough · Chocolate · Chocolate Chip · Chocolate Marshmallow · Coconut Almond Joy · Coffee · Cookies & Cream · Cotton Candy · Death by Chocolate · Egg Nog* · Espresso Explosion · French Vanilla · Graham Slam · Mint Chocolate Chip · Mint Cookie Crunch · Peppermint* · Orange Creamsicle · Peach · Peanut Butter Weave · Pistachio · Pumpkin* · Rum Raisin · Salted Caramel · Strawberry · Vanilla ·Vanilla- Chocolate- Strawberry· *Seasonally available


Because Rosenberger's adheres to the highest standards of excellence, we are proud to sell a variety of their products.  Along with their line of Iced Teas, Green Teas and Lemonades, we also keep our refrigerated case filled with their dairy items.  Our weekly delivery includes farm fresh Eggs, real dairy Whipped Cream, Sour Cream & Butter.

From Cider Press

Linvilla's Own Apple Cider

As a result of the tragic fire in 2002, we lost our Apple Press which allowed us to make our very own Apple Cider. Linvilla Orchards has partnered with Kauffman's Fruit Farm, located in Bird In Hand Pennsylvania, to help us keep the tradition going. We send our apples out to be pressed by Kauffman's Cider Press. They use our special blend of tart and sweet apples to make the refreshingly delicious Apple Cider that we have available in our Farm Market year-round. Our Apple Cider is made from 100% juice and then flash pasteurized. Flash pasteurization is simply bringing the freshly pressed cider to an extremely hot temperature and then rapidly cooling it- a process which allows the cider to maintain it's natural color and flavor while keeping the integrity of the perishable product.   

We offer four sizes...

$7.99 Gallon
$4.99 ½ Gallon
$2.89 Quart
$1.89 Pint (Seasonally available)

Fresh Holiday Turkeys

Order your fresh holiday turkey! 

Available Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Fresh Turkeys direct from a Chester County Family Farm.
Our Turkeys are never frozen, never caged and no growth hormones are used.  

Thanksgiving Turkeys
November 1 - November 16, 2018 - While supplies last.  2019 Pricing coming soon!

Pick up On Nov. 20, 21st, & 22nd

Christmas Turkeys

Pick up Dec 22nd, 23rd, & 24th

Sizes: 10 – 30 lbs $3.49 lb 
Available in 2 lb increments.

Turkey Breasts
Sizes: 5-10lbs
$4.89 lb

(Weights are almost always within 3 lbs, but not guaranteed.)

A $20 non refundable deposit is required to place your order.

Fresh - not frozen- not baked.

Call and place your order today!