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Candles, soaps, lotions, toys, kitchen accessories, home décor and more!

Candles, soaps, lotions, toys, kitchen accessories, home décor and more!

What to know

In the Garden Center, you'll find decorative accents for your home to celebrate the seasons and unique items to inspire you every day. Excellent quality wooden, educational and nostalgic toys are the foundation of our toy department.

Toys & Books

We select toys to inspire children’s imagination and curiosity. High-quality Ertl brand toy tractors, trucks, equipment and accessories from John Deere and Case are a few long lasting favorites. There are puzzles and solid wood educational toys created by Melissa & Doug for children of all ages. Books, games and scientific toys make Linvilla’s toy department the ideal place to visit for the perfect present.

Gifts & Home Décor

Our gift shop offers an excellent variety of candles in natural bee’s wax or the best smelling scents. Colorful kitchen accessories include linen place mats, napkins and quilted pot holders. Discover mugs, lanterns, lamps, soaps, lotions, picture frames and signs with fun and motivational sayings. Linvilla logo items features mugs, shirts, hats, blankets, toys, cards and ornaments.


In addition to offering a variety of pottery planters and gift items,  Linvilla Orchards proudly carries Clay in Motion Pottery made in Oregon. Established in 1981, this family owned and operated studio produces more than 100 different items of  beautiful and functional high-fire stoneware. Each handmade, hand decorated piece is fired at 2200 degrees Fahrenheit and are lead free, dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe. All of the clay used at the studio is of the highest grade giving it a smooth texture and high density. They prepare and mix all their own glazes in order to control the contents. There are twelve steps in making a quality piece of pottery, the final one being to inspect each piece to ensure the finest handmade quality possible.



Born right across the bridge in New Jersey and proudly produced in the USA since 1991, A Cheerful Giver has distinguished itself through innovative products and unsurpassed quality.  Each hand crafted candle burns cleanly and will be sure to fill your home with delightful fragrances.  We carry over twenty different scents whether you prefer something spicy, fruity, or baked. If you are skeptical on burning a candle in your home, we also offer other types of scent worthy products, such as sachets, wax melts, car fresheners and room sprays.



ROOT Candles has been an Ohio based, family-owned company since 1869. It has since been an industry-leading, family-owned company. Each ROOT candle is carefully handcrafted using processes mastered through five generations of craftsmanship combined with the latest in manufacturing technologies. ROOT Candles are highly regarded for their subtle fragrances and sophisticated color palettes. We offer five different varieties year-round and subject to seasonal color change, small veriglass which is 6.3 oz and burns up to 45 hours, colonette’s which are thick textured tapers and burn 2.5 hours per inch, arista’s which we have smooth and textured tapers and burn 1.5 hours per inch, dipped tapers which is a classic taper candle that burns 1 hour per inch. We offer three different size pillars which are textured and burn 16 hours per inch. All around these candles are beautiful, long lasting and trusted.

Soaps, Lotions & Essential Oils

The buyers here at Linvilla’s gift shop take GREAT pride in the quality skincare products we carry.

One of our favorite lines is The Naked Bee which is paraben-free, 70% organic, no lauryl or laureth sulfate and they never do animal testing which to us, is important! We offer lotion, hand soap, body wash and shampoo from The Naked Bee- all at reasonable prices to make you feel good. Another popular line is “Belle’s Acres”, which is a soap and lotion company based out of Maryland. The owner, Angela, collects goat’s milk on-site from her goats on her farm. She takes exceptional pride in caring for her animals and selecting natural ingredients to use in her creations. We offer both soaps and lotions from her company with seasonal scents that will be sure to attract you.

Driven by a passion for natural products and a realization that there were no companies out there making honest, natural soap  specifically for men, Dr. Squatch founder, Jack, began creating his own recipes out of his garage. After countless batches and hours spent perfecting the process, THE SQUATCH BAR emerged. A few friends tried it out…they loved it. Fast forward a few years and millions of soap bars and happy customers later and The Dr. Squatch mission remains the same: to RAISE THE BAR for the men’s grooming industry and change the way men approach their hygiene by providing healthy, natural products. Here at Linvilla, we're looking out for ya fellas!


Beeline Skin Care is a new body line handcrafted in New Hampshire. Their products utilize the best that nature has to offer. Earth-friendly, sustainable practices and cruelty free, they are committed to no animal testing! Like the honeybee, we look out for others. Beeline also looks out for others such as their neighbors, artisans, and small businesses alike but we can’t forget….the Honeybee! We also look out for the environment and want the best in what we offer so Beeline’s ingredients are natural, simple, and environmentally safe. Over the years Beeline has supported the Honeybee through the NH Beekeepers Association. They support programs ranging from research, education, and conservation, which we here at Linvilla also hold closely to our hearts.

Currently our essential oils are from Aura Cacia which is sourced from all over the world. We recommend using essential oils topically, diffusing or inhaling them. Within these oils, hundreds of organic constituents promote beneficial responses when applied or inhaled, although they shouldn’t be applied without first diluting the oil with a carrier such as coconut oil.

Wine inspired decor & accessories

Perhaps you consider yourself an oenophile (person who enjoys wine) or maybe you or the people you are shopping for enjoy wine décor. Whatever your interest may be, we are sure to have that special something for you. We offer wine books, candles, wine holders, wine corks, openers and have an array of signs for all tastes as well as cork and bottle cap collecting items.




The roots of Kitras Art Glass are built around the handmade and all that accompanies it. The quality, the uniqueness and above all, the beauty of a piece made by hand. When they founded their company, they made a thoughtful decision to design and produce all of their products in North America. Where they always have and always will. They foster the belief that gifts with meaning connect people together, that moments collected build into stories and that those stories create the beauty everyday.



Wooden Signs

Our Gift Shop is famous for our wooden signs. We are sure to have a sign with a saying that will make you chuckle and think of your family or someone you know. We do our best to keep up to date with trends but still remain farm-oriented to fit our store’s character.


Wedding Gifts & Decorations


Our wedding section carries a unique variety of rough cut pine décor handcrafted right in the Pocono Mountains. A small, quality business by the name of Flintface complements our wedding section. We carry their popular hanging mason jars, a variety of picture frames, benches, crates and shelving units. We also have a large selection of wedding gifts such as pillows, signs, and fine trinkets.