Cider and Doughnuts

Apple Cider Doughnuts

We prepare our legendary Apple Cider Doughnuts fresh every morning before Phillip, our rooster, makes his morning wake-up call! Doughnuts are made with vegetable shortening, Linvilla’s Own Apple Cider, and topped with cinnamon sugar. We can guarantee your first warm donut will not be your last!

$1.50 each
$7 per 1/2 dozen
$12 per dozen

Looking to buy a large quantity of doughnuts for an event? Give us a call at 610-876-7116 for more information and to place an order!

Linvilla's Own Apple Cider

Linvilla Orchards sources our apple cider production to several local farms using our own apples. We pride ourselves on the relationships we cultivate with local farms and are happy to have our cider produced for us while supplying our apples to other farms! A special blend of tart and sweet apples are used to make the refreshingly delicious Apple Cider that we have available in our Farm Market year-round. Our Apple Cider is made from 100% juice and is then UV pasteurized which allows the cider to maintain it's natural color and flavor while keeping the integrity of the perishable product.

$9.99 Gallon
$6.99 ½ Gallon
$4.00 Quart
$3.00 Pint (Seasonally available)