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What to know

Fishing at Orchard Lake is closed.  We will post an opening date as soon as one is determined. Stay safe and healthy. 

Orchard Lake was constructed to provide irrigation water for some of the farm’s many crops. However, creating a fishing destination was an equally important priority. Trout fishing opened for the first time in 2004 and has been a popular activity ever since

Trout fishing continues until the water gets too warm in May when the action switches to Hybrid Striped Bass, Crappies, Bluegill and Catfish. Trout fishing resumes in the fall and continues through early November.  

Fishing is available for group reservations.  Click here for more details


Fishing at Orchard Lake is closed.  We will post an opening date as soon as one is determined.  



We have rods and bait available. Everyone is welcome — from experts to first-timers.
  • No fishing license required
  • $9.99 per fisherman ages 11 and older
  • $6.99 per fisherman ages 10 and under
  • $6.00 per spectator
  • Fish all day; you can catch and release as long as the fish are okay
  • Each fish you choose to keep is $4.99 per lb, except hybrid striped bass which are $7 per lb
  • Bring your own rods or rod rentals are available for $3.99 per day
  • We have plenty of bait for sale
  • Parking at the pond in April & early-May. (Except during derbies)
  • Fishing starts at the Pick Your Own shed from mid-May through early November.


We've witnessed excellent results with anglers landing many fish following these steps. Good luck!
  • Fish on the bottom
  • Use circle hooks (otherwise they swallow the hook every time)
  • Rainy weather is actually the best weather for fishing — dress warmly!

Please Help Keep our Fish alive:

  • ·         If you plan to catch and release please  Handle with care!
    • ·         Do not wipe the fish off – their slimy scales is what keeps them healthy
    • ·         Remove hooks carefully
    • ·         Return to the water as soon as possible.
    • ·         The better you handle the fish, the better its chances for survival, and the better your chances of catching it again.
  • ·         Help keep our pond clean and trash free.
  • ·         Please use the trash receptacles provided.