Linvilla’s Own Bee Story


Sixty Seconds with Judi

I overheard a conversation the other day; a man was asking where to buy Raw Honey and someone suggested Linvilla Orchards. Strangely enough another man chimes in and says “Linvilla Orchards?”

“They don’t keep their own bees and they certainly don’t make their own honey!”

Nothing could be further from the truth”! I jumped in.

Here at Linvilla Orchards we do keep our own Honey bees. With over 300 acres of pick your own fruits and vegetables we need our bees to pollinate our flowers, working wing and hand with our Farmers to keep us going.

I recently had a conversation with our Bee Keeper, Warren Graham, a Certified Master Bee Keeper.  Warren went on tell me that we have 4 active Apiaries on the farm and that even though bee keepers around the world are struggling to keep their bees we have been successful in our efforts. Bees like moisture. They love our floral sources; this gives them a constant supply of nectar, all of which helps them to produce the sweetest of Honey.

Here at Linvilla Orchards we do have our very own Honey, produced by our very own bees. Did you know that it is said if you suffer from pollen allergies that you should consume at least 1 Tablespoon of Raw Honey per day from bees that have collected their pollen and nectar within 50 miles of where you live? This prescription will act like “A hair of the dog that bit you”. The honey supplies you with small doses of local pollen and builds up your immunity in the process.  The amazing abilities of our little pollinator friends will never cease to amaze me.

So hail to the hardest working girls on the farm the honey bee! I can’t begin to thank her enough for all she does.

Stop in the farm market and buy yourself some local Raw Honey. Who knows maybe it will cure what ails you.