Barnyard Animals

A trip to Linvilla Orchards is not complete without a visit with our Barnyard Friends!


No charge

What to know

Our Barnyard family features white tailed deer, friendly calves, charismatic goats, gentle horses, whimsical sheep and our adorable pot-bellied pig- each with their own unique lovable personalities. 

Rounding out our bird collection we have chickens, geese, pheasants, quail, doves, ducks, peacocks and guineas.  We have our energetic emus that will keep you entertained for hours!

Every Spring, we welcome new life!  We work very closely with Baily's Dairy Farm of Chester County- our Dairy product supplier.  Many springs two calves visit with our family and remain in our care for a whole year.  After their short stay out front, they join our friends Maddie, Tulip and Jed in our Barnyard area.  At the end of the year, they return to their family in Chester County and begin their cushy lives as free range dairy cows. 

Our friends are out every day and they would love your company! 

Questions or concerns about our animals?  Please see our FAQ page.


When visiting with the horses watch and enjoy their playful personalities. Please remember that horses have sensitive stomachs and we ask that you do not feed them.

Frannie is our BIG beautiful draft horse

  • Frannie is the head of our little herd.
  • Frannie is a bay roan which means her coat is mainly red, but in the spring and summer is interspersed with white hair.
  • She is a Brabant draft horse
  • Frannie came to us from a barn where she worked as a therapy horse

Madison Avenue- "Maddie"

  • Maddie is very good-natured and loves visits from friends
  • Maddie is a bay, which means she is dark brown with a black mane and tail
  • Maddie loves to be around all kinds of farm animals.  She used to hang out with the sheep until we got her buddy "Little Joe"

Little Joe

  • Little Joe is our black and white miniature paint horse
  • Joe is super spunky and loves to roll around in the mud as soon as he is groomed.


When visiting with our goats, enjoy their playful personalities. 

Damien is our tall black goat with a few small white spots and horns.

Simon is our tall white goat with a few black spots and big horns.  He is a Nubian goat-cross, second in the pecking order and Damien's twin.

Tulip is our sassy little Toggenburg goat! She is tan and white with a small tulip shaped mark on her forehead and horns.  Tulip was bottle fed because she was small when she was born and needed a little extra help. She is very friendly and good with all the other animals.

Nanna is tan and white, has no horns and is a sweet Toggenburg goat! She is the oldest of the goats.  She is very timid, but always takes great care of the new babies on the farm.

Ruby is our quietest Toggenburg goat.  She is dark tan and white with horns.  She is Nanna's sister.

Bo  is the first of our four mini goats! Bo is a Pygmy/ Dwarf crossbreed. He is white, silver & black and a hint of brown in his legs.  Bo has horns, and he loves to headbutt his brother Arrow.

Arrow Bo's little brother is a silly boy! He is brown with white spots. He is very talkative and loves to climb.

Chanel is also a Pygmy/ Dwarf/ Fainting goat cross! Just like her sister, she will not get any bigger. She is tan with long hair and has horns.  She also randomly stands very still and poses for pictures.

Maximos "Max" is a dwarf/pygmy goat cross.  He is light grey with black and white mixed in.  He is super sweet and loving and loves to climb and butt heads with his friends.  

Other Animals

Our other Barnyard friends include

  • Sheep
  • Pot-bellied Pig- Jed
  • White Tailed Deer
  • Chickens, Birds & Turkeys