Swim Club Events

What to know

Hidden Hollow and Knowlton Swim Club host many events throughout the season for our members and their guests.. 

Watch our swim club calendar to keep updated with swim club events.

Download our Swim Club Calendar of Special Events 

Open House

For prospective swim club members

We host an open house at both Knowlton and Hidden Hollow swim clubs!
Visit the clubs on Saturday May 11 & 18 between 12:00 - 2:00pm.

  • Preview the facilities
  • Meet a manager who can answer any questions

Splash Parties & Celebrations

  • Mexican Fiesta! 
    • Sunday June 23: 1pm - 4pm at Knowlton
      • Live Performance by TBD
      • Great Mexican food and festive beverages - tacos, nachos, a fresh salsa bar, alcohol-free sangria and more!
        • Food Fee: $5 per person 
      • A homemade salsa contest!  Whose recipe will be the prize winner?!!  
      • Standard Guest Fees apply 
  • Pre-Teen Splash Party (ages 12 & under) 
    • Friday June 28: 7pm - 10pm at Hidden Hollow
    • Thursday August 8: 7pm - 10pm at Hidden Hollow
      • DJ from Charismatic Entertainment 
      • Members $5  Non-Members $10
        • Price includes 1 slice of pizza & 1 can of soda per person 
  • Family Splash Party & Corn Boil
    • Sunday July 14: 1pm - 4pm at Knowlton
      • Live Performance by TBD
      • Burger or hot dog, caesar salad, pasta salad, potato salad, tomato salad, apple cider and all the corn on the cob you can eat!
        • Food Fee: $5 per person 
      • Standard Guest Fees apply
    • Friday July 19: 7pm - 10pm at Hidden Hollow
      • Live Performance by TBD  
      • Burger or hot dog, caesar salad, pasta salad, potato salad, tomato salad, apple cider and all the corn on the cob you can eat!
        • Food Fee: $5 per person
      • Standard Guest Fees apply  
  • Teen Splash Party (ages 13 & up) 
    • Thursday August 1: 8pm - 11pm at Hidden Hollow
      • DJ from Charismatic Entertainment 
      • Members $5 Non-Members $10
        • Price includes 1 slice of pizza & 1 can of soda per person 
  • BBQ & Blues Night
    • Thursday August 15: 5pm - 9pm at Knowtlon
      • Live Performance by Howlin' Blue
      • Cherry wood smoked pulled chicken or pork, smoker baked beans, macaroni & cheese, fresh salad, corn on the cob, fruit salad and a variety of pies!
        • Food Fee:  8 years & under $5  /  9 years & older $9 per person
          • Food will be served 5pm - 7pm
      • Standard Guest Fees apply 

Friendship & Grandparents Day's

  • Friendship Day
    • Monday June 17
    • Monday July 8
    • Monday July 29
      • Guest Fee: 4 & under $8  /  5 & up $10
  • Grandparents Day 
    • Monday July 15
      • Guest Fee for Grandparents $10

Fourth of July & Labor Day Celebrations

Both Hidden Hollow & Knowlton host games and festivities beginning at 1:30pm.

On Fourth of July and Labor Day members gather for many organized games throughout the day.  Both swim clubs run games like coin toss, balloon toss, candy toss, pie eating contest and more!  Gather together for a fun day of family fun!

Knowlton Swim Club Fourth of July Celebration! 
Hidden Hollow Swim Club Fourth of July Celebration!
Knowtlon Swim Club Labor Day Celebration! 

Bob Piotti Swim -A-Thon


Coach Bob was a long-time, loved member of our community who dedicated his life to swimmers in Delaware County, and in particular swimmers at Widener University and Hidden Hollow. Bob Piotti was Hidden Hollow's swim team coach for 17 years and is sorely missed.  The Swim-A-Thon event will raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation, a cause that Bob supported through his life.

Join us in Memory of Bob and support the Epilepsy Foundation!

  • Date: TBD
  • Time: 9am - 12pm
    • check-in 8:30am

Diving Invitationals, Swim Championships & Masters Diving

  • Diving Invitationals (Diving Well closed during event)
    • TBD at Hidden Hollow 
      • Friday June 22 Practice at Hidden Hollow 6pm - 8pm
  • Swim Championships
    • Wednesday July 24 at Hidden Hollow (Lap Pool closed until event is done)
  • Master's Diving Event (Diving Well closed during event) 
    • TBD at Hidden Hollow 9am - 1pm (8am warm-ups)
      • Practice for this event will be Saturday August 11 6pm - 8pm


Knowlton's Blazing Summer of Fun and more!

Blazing Summer of Fun!  

Beginning June 17 Knowlton will have something fun planned Monday - Friday starting at about 1pm!  Most activities will take place in the dive well (diving will be closed during this time).  Come join in on all the daily fun!  

  • Sharks & Minnows Monday
    • Be ready for spirited play of this classic pool game! 
  • The Tuesday Tossup
    • Ever want to catch a football while diving?  We'll toss and catch balls while using the diving boards!
  • Water Polo Wednesday
    • We'll learn how to play this fast-paced Olympic sport.  Never played?  Now's the time to start!
  • Thumpin' Thursday
    • Teams will battle while learning a new pool game and one of them is going to get a thumpin'.  Don't let it be your team!  
  • Floaty Friday
    • You'll need a pool inflatable for whatever game we play.  It's just that simple - and that much fun!  
Father's Day Celebration

Dads, one word: RELAX!  Take the day off.  Go ahead, you deserve it.  Spend it at Knowlton!  On Sunday June 16 we'll take care of the grilling for you, by offering a specially-priced grilled meats sandwich combo meal.  To keep you laughing (and the kids groaning), we'll be telling our favorite dad jokes every hour.  Play if you want.  We'll have some throw and catch contests for you and the kids.  No excuses, you'll be required to nap at some time!  Celebrate fatherhood at KSC, your country retreat! 

Riddle Downs 

TBD beginning at 2pm to celebrate the area's rich horse racing history, we'll have fun on our inflatable hippity-hop horses with races around the track (by age group); Family relay races; in-pool rodeo and other fun games!  To add to all the excitement the snack bar will have special menu offerings.  Appropriate costumes (especially fancy hats) are encouraged!  

Sunday Sundae! Spectacular

TBD  from 1pm - 3pm come enjoy your pool time with a special treat!  Make your own ice cream sundae featuring our toppings bar for one low price! 

Float Your Boat

TBD from 2pm - 4pm come enjoy a refreshing Rootbeer or Creamsicle (orange) ice cream float for only $3 each!