Ensuring the best experience for all our members!

Ensuring the best experience for all our members!

What to Know

These rules have been made to protect your health and safety. Please review them before coming to the pool.

The manager may dismiss any person from the pool or end a membership at any time. Fraudulent information will also lead to cancellation of membership. Pool and Club activities may be dangerous. Members must have signed the Participant Agreement to participate in pool activities. Participate at your own risk. All Members and Guests agree to abide by the following rules.

Download and print Swim Club Rules



Please park in the parking areas only.  Load and unload in marked areas and do not block loading zones.  Handicapped parking is provided at both pools.


Enter by the path from the parking area to the bathhouse.  Members will check-in with the phone number provided on membership application.  Pictures will be taken/updated on your first visit.  Memberships are NOT transferable.

Family Membership

Members joining on one membership must be immediate family, legally dependent & living at home.

Babysitters, Nannies & Au Pairs

Can be added to a family membership with appropriate rider completed.  One parent must also be an active member of the club.


Guests must be accompanied by a member and must register and sign the Participant Agreement.

Guest Limits

Bringing more than 4 guests during a visit on a family membership and party requests require advanced approval. Visit our swim club membership page and complete an online request form. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for a response.

5-Visit Guest Cards

Each family membership can purchase up to 3 guest cards (total of 15 visits) for the pool season.

Young Children

Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult member at all times.

Child Disciplinary Action

Manager may require parental supervision, membership suspension or revocation for any child under the age of 18 who does not follow the club rules.

Baby Pools

An adult who will be responsible for their safety and conduct must accompany all children using the baby pools. The 1-foot depth cloverleaf pool at Hidden Hollow is to be used by children age 3 and under only.

Plastic Pants

Children who are not toilet trained must wear pool-appropriate diapers in the baby pools with plastic pants over the diapers – no exceptions!  Children in diapers may not use the 25 or 50-meter pools at HHSC.  Plastic pants will be available at each pool for a nominal fee.  Huggies Swimmies also require plastic pants.

Deep Water Badges

A child age 12 & under at either pool is entitled to take the badge test to be eligible to swim in the 25 or 50-meter pools.  Managers will be available at certain times to give the test.  After successfully passing the test, children 8 years of age or older will be given a numbered 8 & older badge and children under 8 will receive a numbered 8 & under badge.  These badges must be worn at all times.

Pool Use

No one is permitted in the pool unless a lifeguard is on duty.

Lap Pool at Hidden Hollow

Lap swimming only in the 5 designated lanes.  For adult members only the lap pool will open mid-summer (starting June 16) Monday thru Friday at 11 am; weather permitting.  Check our swim club calendar before visiting to confirm availability. Swim team practices in this pool from 12:45 pm - 3:45 pm Monday to Friday through July.

Long Course Lanes at Hidden Hollow

For adult members only we will be opening the long course lanes for lap swimmers on Tuesday mornings 10:45 am – 11 45 am and Saturday mornings 7 am – 10 am; weather permitting.   Check our swim club calendar before visiting to confirm availability.


Conversations with the lifeguards on duty is strictly prohibited.

Bath House

The use of the showers before entering the pool is requested, especially after active sports.


The club will not accept responsibility for belongings left in the dressing rooms or for the loss of or damage to personal property.

Safety and Enjoyment

Loudness, rudeness, dangerous games, horseplay, and vulgarity will not be permitted. This includes: running, wrestling, shoving, and dunking.


Running on the pool decks and pathways is prohibited.


Use of the big slides at either pool requires riders to be minimum of 8 years of age and wearing a 8 & Older Badge or a maximum of 270lb. or 6’5”.  Only one person at a time on each slide, ladder or slide platform.  Small slide at Knowlton is for 8 years of age or younger.  Use of the slides may be restricted.

Diving Boards

Minimum of 8 years of age and wearing a 8 & Older Badge is required for Platform Diving Boards.  One person at a time on each diving board, platform or ladder.  Diving and jumping must be from the ends of the boards.  No running on the boards.  The use of the ten-meter platform is restricted.


Participants must face the ladders at all times while using them.


No floating devices in the diving areas. Use in other areas is at discretion of the Manager.


Smoking is not permitted within the facilities.


Glass must be kept out of the entire facility and is strictly prohibited.


Eating in the pool or on the decks surrounding the pool will not be permitted.

Alcoholic Beverages

The use or presence of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs on the pool premises will not be tolerated.  If caught it will be result in automatic termination of swim club membership.

Swim Team Events

Members are encouraged to use the other club during swim team events.  Visit Swim Team Page for Schedule.

First Aid

All injuries must be reported to the management immediately.

Inclement Weather

Either or both pools may be closed if the temperature drops below 68 degrees or if there is a thunderstorm. Visit our Swim Club Calendar  for updates.

Participant Agreement and Related Addenda

All members and guests will use the facility at their own risk.  All members and their guests must sign a Participant Agreement and other related addenda releasing HHSC, KSC, and Linvilla Orchards from liability and related addenda.

Personal Business Transactions

No personal business transactions may be conducted at either swim club.  All transactions must be approved by the club managers. ie: private lessons, coaching, camps, daycares etc.

Camps & Daycares

Attendees of camps and/or daycares are not permitted as a guest on a family membership.  See guest policies for more details.


Pets are NOT permitted at either club.