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  • Farmer Appreciation

    Sixty Seconds with Judi This past month was a roller coaster of weather. I must admit, I enjoyed the warm days with all of that sunshine. But working on the farm rings a reality bell that sometimes is so loud- it is deafening. Let me explain… Those beautiful successions of warm days make our fruit
  • Dancing to the Beet

    Sixty Seconds with Judi When I was a kid I hated beets. I mean I “really” hated them! We didn’t eat them much at my house and when they were around, they were poured from a can. I always thought they smelled funny; like dirty socks. Obviously because of this memory, I was always afraid
  • Let’s Talk about Parsnips

    Sixty Seconds with Judi In honor of the Linvilla Orchard’s Winter Vegetable Sale, I have decided to feature a vegetable in my next few blogs. This week I wanted to start with Parsnips. So why start with Parsnips? My family and I were out to dinner at our family’s favorite restaurant. My son and I
  • Good for the Soul

    This year I did not make any New Year’s resolutions. The last thing I needed was another promise to never eat bread or to work out more. So instead of a resolution, I decided take dance lessons and make an effort to spend more time with friends and loved ones. This year, I want to
  • Feed the Birds

    Sixty Seconds with Judi Did you know, that backyard bird watching is the second most popular outdoor activity in the United States – second only to gardening? I think sometimes people forget that bird watching is an all-year, all-region activity.  So many of our feathered friends hang out with us all winter. I am new to the
  • The Christmas Bake-Off

    Sixty Seconds with Judi Sometimes I think that if I eat yet another Christmas Cookie, my body will explode! It all started with a few Christmas presents for my family over-seas. I had made some Christmas stockings and wanted to fill them with some home-made delights from my kitchen. Once my son heard of this
  • My Story on a Tree

    Sixty Seconds with Judi This week my family picked out the perfect tree. It was a little earlier than usual for us; I wanted my son who was home from college to be a part of the celebration since he won’t be home until Christmas eve.  Our tree is beautiful. Perfectly placed in the corner
  • Ready, Set, Go!

    Sixty Seconds with Judi It’s here! You know that time of year that is supposed to be ringing with cheer and good will to all men. But, instead we seem to put ourselves into a frenzy of shopping and constant worry about what to buy Aunt Mary. Well I say STOP! Let’s slow down this
  • Thinking Thanksgiving

    Sixty Seconds with Judi My house at Thanksgiving is no Norman Rockwell painting. It is pure chaos! My house is small and the crowd is large. The numbers are frequently in the 30’s.  My sisters and I put out a large spread. Three Turkeys are usually the center piece; each containing their very own stuffing
  • Okay, so now what?

    Sixty Seconds with Judi I am always astounded at how the masses of people disappear after Halloween. Where do you all go? I know that many of you think of us here at Linvilla Orchards as that “Halloween” or “Fall” place, but really we are so much more.  We really do know how to play