Farmer Appreciation

Sixty Seconds with Judi

This past month was a roller coaster of weather. I must admit, I enjoyed the warm days with all of that sunshine. But working on the farm rings a reality bell that sometimes is so loud- it is deafening. Let me explain…

Those beautiful successions of warm days make our fruit trees think that spring is really here. They want to do what comes natural. They reach for the sun, put out beautiful buds and want their blossoms to open for everyone to see.

Our farmer Norm and many others like him, watch their trees like children. They want to tell them they can’t bloom, it’s too soon. They don’t realize spring is not here yet. But, like stubborn teenagers, they do what they want to do. So our farmers do what they can to protect them. Sometimes this entails building large fires in the orchard on cold and sleepless nights to keep them warm in hopes that their crop will not be lost. Other times nature wins, taking with her all the fruits of their labor. All that is left is hope for the following season. There is nothing to be done. They work hard all year and hope and pray that Mother Nature will be kind.

Farming is a constant gamble. Will there be enough rain? Hopefully it will not be too hot, nor too cold or too windy. Hail can be damaging, disease and blights can be disastrous. I see farming like raising children. Every crop, like a child needs, to be nurtured, loved and brought to maturity.  But, like a parent, a farmer can only do what he can the rest is in God’s hands. So I say raise a glass to the farmer. Appreciate all of the hard work and love that goes into every bite you eat.

This week on the farm:

Cooking with Judi      March 10, 2017, 5:00PM – 6:00PM

Location: Garden Center

This month, Judi will be celebrating Mardi Gras! Join her for some jambalaya and other seasonal favorites. This class fills up quickly so call to register
Call 610-876-7116 to register. *No Charge*

Gardening with Children       March 11, 2017, 10:00AM – 11:00AM

Location: Garden Center

This month Miss Marcia will be talking about preparing your garden for spring! Your children will be planting their own pea plants to take home with them.  Call 610-876-7116 to register. *No Charge*

Build Your Own Terrarium/ Fairy Garden Class       March 12,2017, 10:00AM – 11:00AM

Location: Garden Center

Come see why this is the most popular class we offer! We supply everything you need to build your own beautiful terrarium. You can choose from a variety of containers and plants and our knowledgeable Garden Center staff will guide you through the whole process. Add Fairy Garden Accessories (not included) to make your garden as unique as you are!  Call 610-876-7116 to register.  Fee $35