Feed the Birds

Sixty Seconds with Judi

Did you know, that backyard bird watching is the second most popular outdoor activity in the United States – second only to gardening? I think sometimes people forget that bird watching is an all-year, all-region activity.  So many of our feathered friends hang out with us all winter.

I am new to the bird watching/feeding community. I became interested when my children were younger. We had a small feeder and some cheap seed that would attract a small amount of birds. I would love to point out to the boys the different finches and the occasional cardinal. Since then, I have learned quite a bit.

First, the quality of the seed matters! Honestly, the better the seed the better variety of birds. I swear they must talk to each other about who has the best food in the neighborhood. I am a big fan of the Coles brand. They even carry a hot seed that deters the squirrels from eating your seed. Did you know that only mammals have heat sensors and birds cannot taste the heat in spicy foods? The birds seem to love it!

Second, the type of feeder matters. I use feeders that are friendly to all birds. Some feeders have small holes for Niger seed or Thistle. This type of seed attracts mostly finches. I like the feeders with large holes and feeders with a large base for perching. These attract both small and large birds. You will find that the birds will stop and rest a bit. These feeders also allow you to use a variety of seed. Birds, in the winter, need seeds that are high in fat. It’s what keeps them warm on those cold days. So I am a fan of black oil sunflower seeds. It keeps my birds fat and happy.

This year for Christmas, my boys bought me a new bird feeder with a larger base. This is my fourth feeder but, certainly not my last.  I am always amazed by the amount and variety of birds I get at my feeders. They flock in like a busy restaurant; each taking turns setting at the table. They are so much fun to watch and I feel good about feeding them.

So while you are snuggled up in your warm house enjoying the view outside your window, remember the song that sweet old lady sang in Mary Poppins- “Feed the Birds”. I’m not sure how much a tuppence is, but feed them anyhow.

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The Owls of Pennsylvania    Saturday, Jan 28    10AM to 11AM

Join us for this informative class instructed by Pamela Dimeler. Pam is an amateur naturalist and photographer and has been observing the activities of Owls for many years. She will share her observations through her photography and her video. Bird and nature lovers will enjoy this class.  Class is Free. Please call to register.

Gardening with Children    Sunday, Jan 29   10AM to 11AM

This month, Miss Marcia will be discussing Birds. Did you know that not all birds fly south for the winter? Our little feathered friends are hungry this time of year so we will be making bird feeders! Call (610) 876-7116 to reserve your spot.  This class is FREE.