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  • The Beauty Around You

    Sixty Seconds with Judi I love spending my days at Linvilla Orchards.  Sometimes I am so amazed by my experiences here that it renders me speechless; if you know me you will understand what a huge thing that is. Recently I had the pleasure of witnessing one of those events. I am going to share
  • Beautiful Birds

    Sixty Seconds with Judi Today, April 26, we celebrate the birthday of John James Audubon.  James was the acclaimed naturalist and ornithologist known for his amazing paintings of birds and other animals. You can’t help but to get lost in his beautiful art work. His incredibly detailed paintings bring us closer to nature than we
  • Barnyard Animals

    What to know Our Barnyard family features white tailed deer, friendly calves, charismatic goats, gentle horses, whimsical sheep and our adorable pot-bellied pig- each with their own unique lovable personalities.  Rounding out our bird collection we have chickens, geese, pheasants, quail, doves, ducks, peacocks and guineas.  We have our energetic emus that will keep you entertained