The Beauty Around You

Sixty Seconds with Judi

I love spending my days at Linvilla Orchards.  Sometimes I am so amazed by my experiences here that it renders me speechless; if you know me you will understand what a huge thing that is.

Recently I had the pleasure of witnessing one of those events. I am going to share a little secret with you. Here on the farm we have a pair of Bald Eagles. I can’t reveal their location for fear of paparazzi showing up and scaring them away. However, I can tell you that occasionally you will see them fishing at Orchard Lake.

Now, to me, Eagles are always those elusive raptors that you have seen pictures of but rarely, if ever, get to see in person. But, lucky me has the chance to see them almost daily.  Whenever I see them I want to scream at those who are speeding down the road “Slow down! You don’t know what you are missing”!  There is so much beauty around us here. So many beautiful birds and little creatures that get missed by the masses as they move through their days. So slow down, look around you. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by beauty and life and it is right here for you to see.

Join us this week on the farm for:

Pamela Dimeler will be presenting “My Journey with a Pair of Great Horned Owls” this Sunday, February 18th at 10 am in the Garden Center.  Pam will share her observations through photography and video clips of a pair of Owls she has been following for over 2 years.  This is a remarkable presentation for the whole family. Hopefully once you learn about the Great Horned Owls habits and learn its many sounds, you too can have your own amazing experience.

Linvilla Orchard’s Fore! The Planet is a highly interactive and playful museum exhibit created by the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia! This exhibition pairs important environmental issues with the fun of miniature golf.  18 unique educational holes explore butterfly metamorphosis, a tropical rain forest, evolution, dinosaur extinction, food chains, and more. Perfect for kids of all ages, your entire family will enjoy playing miniature golf while learning about our environment – every step of the way!  The course opens everyday at 9am and the last tickets will be sold around 4pm.