Beautiful Birds

Sixty Seconds with Judi

Today, April 26, we celebrate the birthday of John James Audubon.  James was the acclaimed naturalist and ornithologist known for his amazing paintings of birds and other animals. You can’t help but to get lost in his beautiful art work. His incredibly detailed paintings bring us closer to nature than we could ever see with the naked eye. That is, of course, is if we ever get to see some of those rare species at all.

I am a big fan of watching quietly and in amazement at the birds and wildlife in my own yard. Naturally, I don’t have the scope of species that Audubon had. Nor, do I have the knowledge that he shared. However, I love to watch the birds in my feeders or the rabbits and squirrels in my yard. I know some of you are not fans of the little critters and the havoc they can bring to a garden. But for me, well I see tiny little hands at work as the squirrels gather their food in the yard. I see wonderful mother’s caring for their children as I watch the birds feed their babies or the rabbits carry their young away from the barks of my dog. I love to see the fox scampering along with their beautiful bushy tails. And I am still enamored by the majestic deer as they mosey through my suburban neighborhood as if they live there too.

Watching the wildlife in our own yards can be a wonderfully meditative hobby. So take a moment. Grab your coffee in the morning and sit quietly outside and watch all that is going on outside your door. It may just amaze you!

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