Winter Blues?

bird, cardinal
bird, cardinal


Okay, so we got through January and February is just beginning. Do you have those winter blues yet?  Are you wondering what to do with yourself? Well, let me answer that for you! Don’t hibernate for the winter. The sun is shining most days and you still need a good dose of vitamin D; so bundle up and get outside.

Nature is amazing in the winter. Many little woodland creatures are busy and more visible, with no leaves to hide behind. So get out and do a little bird watching. If outside isn’t your thing, then fill bird feeders by your favorite windows and see who comes to visit. Birds need high fat seed like black oil sunflower seeds to keep them warm in the winter. You will be doing them a favor and feeding your soul at the same time.

If you need to get out of the house come visit us at Linvilla Orchards. Play a round of mini golf in our cozy warm green house. Bring the kids along and get them out to play. Come see our animals. They get lonely in the winter or play on the play ground. Children don’t seem to mind the cold so much and they need that fresh air and sunshine.

If your inner gardener is speaking to you come take a class. February is loaded with fun garden classes, a terrarium classa birding class, cooking classes, a golf tournament and even a chocolate and wine pairing class for you and your Valentine. Check out our calendar for registration information!

So don’t get those winter blues. Go out and play!