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  • Hello October!

    Sixty Seconds with Judi Hello October, with your cooler temperatures and beautiful colors.  We welcome your juicy apples and tantalizing cider. We are excited for pots full of warm soup on crisp nights and pumpkin spiced flavored everything. We can’t wait to hear the geese squawking in the sky and the crisp leaves under our
  • Choosing the Perfect Apple

    Sixty Seconds with Judi Okay I must admit it, I am an apple snob! Yup, that’s right- I have said it out loud for all to hear “I am an apple Snob”!  With so many fresh apple varieties to choose from here on the farm, I can honestly say I will snub the generic bagged
  • It’s here!

    Sixty Seconds with Judi I want to scream it from the hill tops- “Pumpkinland opens this Saturday”! My friends ask me all the time if I am ready for this, as if it were something to fear. I should tell you Pumpkinland is what we live for here at Linvilla Orchards! Nothing excites us more.
  • Carving Jack

    Sixty Seconds with Judi Do you remember when you were a kid and you would carve your pumpkin for Halloween? I don’t know about you, but in my house it was a family affair. My Mom would buy the biggest pumpkin she could find. We would use the biggest butcher knife in the drawer and
  • Chrysanthemums

    Sixty Seconds with Judi If I were to close my eyes and think of fall, the first thing that would come to mind would be color. The trees with their brilliant reds, yellows and oranges would paint the backdrop. The beautiful blue skies would be filled with geese falling in formation while squawking loudly to
  • Peter Piper Picks the Perfect Pumpkin

    Okay, I know Peter Piper picked a peck of peppers. However, if Peter Piper were here in the fall he would be picking out the perfect pumpkin! With so many varieties to choose from, I imagine Peter would have a difficult time choosing only one! First, poor Peter would need to decide what he was
  • Mmmmm Fall!

    I am a big foodie. I love to cook, probably because I love to eat! Call me old fashioned, but I love being in the kitchen whipping up some creative concoction for dinner. For me, the magic of the kitchen really flourishes in the fall. I guess it’s the cooler temperatures, or the variety of
  • The Witch Is In

    Every year as the moon rises earlier and the shadows fall upon the Orchard, our friendly witches take up residence on the farm. They have been busy sweeping their houses and baking special cookies in preparation for all the children who will ride hay wagons deep in to the orchard to visit them. Each of
  • Bringing Art to Life

    Sixty Seconds with Judi I guess you all know that Pumpkinland opened last weekend. Many of you showed up to see the splendor and creativity that sets us apart from any other farm. Thousands will walk through Pumpkinland searching for their favorite characters, like Cinderella, Dracula or the Jersey Devil displayed prominently on the hill.
  • Costume Parade

    Linvilla Orchards' annual Costume Parade will be held Sunday, October 28, hosted by Silly Joe & All Entertainment!  This is an event you don't want to miss!  To make this day even better Makin' Music will hold their annual concert at 3pm to entertain while you parade around in your Halloween finest!  Each child that