Carving Jack

Sixty Seconds with Judi

Do you remember when you were a kid and you would carve your pumpkin for Halloween? I don’t know about you, but in my house it was a family affair. My Mom would buy the biggest pumpkin she could find. We would use the biggest butcher knife in the drawer and the carving would commence. I always thought my mom was ahead of her time. She was a bit of an artist. She would carve crazy eyes and noses; No triangles on our pumpkins.

Move ahead 30 years and my husband, who happens to be a carpenter, has changed the tools for our carving experience. The butcher knife was retired and the power tools came out. My husband became the “Tim the Tool Man” of pumpkin carving.

These days anything goes! Use a pumpkin or a gourd. You can carve them with a knife, power tools or a good dry wall knife works wonders. Truth is, you don’t have to carve them at all. Why not paint them? Try chalkboard paint and have your kids color a face in. You can erase the face daily and draw a new one.  For the artistically challenged, try a pumpkin carving kit! They come with stencils that can turn the creatively challenged into a masterful artist.  There are no rules for your Jack-O-Lantern, make it a fun family tradition and let us help you with all your supplies.  Visit the Garden Center for all of your Pumpkin and Carving needs.

But if you don’t want to carve, you can always visit our Jack-O-Lantern exhibit in Pumpkinland. We don’t even mind if you use our designs!

Hayrides to the Friendly Witches House Saturday, Oct 22nd 5:30PM to 8:30PM

Take a hayride to visit the friendly witches house!  She will tell you a story, tell you jokes and gives all of the kids a treat!  The hayride ends at a campfire where you can roast some marshmallows and enjoy a sample of our cider.

Jack-o-lantern Exhibit Saturday, Oct 15th 6PM to 8PM

Jack-o-lanterns created by our staff are lit every night at dusk.