Choosing the Perfect Apple

Sixty Seconds with Judi

Okay I must admit it, I am an apple snob! Yup, that’s right- I have said it out loud for all to hear “I am an apple Snob”!  With so many fresh apple varieties to choose from here on the farm, I can honestly say I will snub the generic bagged red apples at the supermarket.

Everyone has their own favorite variety of apple and if you get to have it plucked fresh from the tree – well, the experience can be heavenly. My personal favorite is the Pink Lady. She is both sweet and tart; (kind of like me) she can be used for eating or baking. I love to use her in pies. However, there are so many other varieties I use as well. Who doesn’t love the sweet, crisp taste of a Honey Crisp apple?  Mutsu, a greenish, yellow apple, are another favorite of mine. Also, sweet, tart and crisp with a hint of a spice flavor to them. I guess it’s clear that I prefer the sweeter apples to the tarter varieties.

But, if you prefer a tarter apple grab a Cortland or a Granny Smith. A Stayman Winesap apple can have tart full flavor. I prefer to use tangy apples for cooking. I will mix them with sweeter varieties to make my apple sauce.  Though, some people prefer a single variety for applesauce. The Jonathan is a favorite among many for applesauce. Me, I still prefer to mix them up!

There are so many apples to mention and so much you can do with them. If kept in a cool place, apples can last for a very long time. But why not make them into some wonderful concoction. Can some delicious apple sauce, make a warm and wonderful apple pie, or just bake some in the oven with a little brown sugar, cinnamon and butter. Apples are not just for dessert either, they complement pork roast and roast well with other vegetables like carrots and parsnips for a sweet and savory side dish. And of course, you know what they say about an apple a day…

So, throw one in your bag, no container needed! Better yet throw in a few and you too can choose your favorite variety!

Join us this weekend at Linvilla Orchards for:

APPLE FESTIVAL- Linvilla Orchards’ Apple Festival honors apples every autumn. This legendary festival could not properly be celebrated in just one day! This two day event is hosted by Makin’ Music. Pick Your Own apples are during the height of their season and you can choose from the many varieties grown right here at Linvilla. You won’t want to miss our Apple Pie Eating Contest for bushels of fun!

Pumpkinland will also be in full swing, bring your whole family for a fun-filled day! Experience costumed characters, games & contests and live music.

Pick Your Own Apples begins at 8:00 am!

Build Your Own Terrarium or Fairy Garden September 23rd 10:00AM – 11:00AM

This is one of our more popular classes. We supply everything you need to build your own beautiful terrarium. You can choose from a variety of containers and plants and our knowledgeable Garden Center staff will guide you through the whole process. Registration is required so please call 610-876-7116 so we can ensure we have enough supplies. Fee $35

Hayrides to the friendly Witches House– Come visit the friendly witch in the orchard this weekend from- 5:30PM – 8:30PM