If you don't find an answer below call 610-876-7116 and we'll be happy to help!

If you don't find an answer below call 610-876-7116 and we'll be happy to help!

Hours & Directions & Admission

Are you open every day, including Sundays? What are your hours?
Linvilla Orchards is open all year. We are closed on April 1st, December 25th and for a few weeks in January for our Winter Break. Hours change seasonally and we have special holiday hours. To see our current hours please visit our calendar.

What can I do at Linvilla with my family?
You can visit the animals in the Barnyard and play in our playground year-round. Pick your own fruit is open almost every day from mid-May thru early November, crop and weather permitting. Fishing is open almost every day from mid-May thru early November and select days earlier in the spring. We offer hayrides, pony rides, train rides, face painting and more on special days. Please check our Calendar of Events for more information. You can also visit our Family Fun page.

How do I get to Linvilla Orchards?
Directions from Google Maps are here. Linvilla is conveniently located just outside of Media, Pennsylvania. We’re about 30 minutes south of downtown Philadelphia. Linvilla is located between Routes 352 and 452 and it’s easy to get to from Route 1, I-95, Route 322 or I-476. If you are using your GPS, look up Linvilla Orchards as a point of interest or use our GPS only address: 598 Linvill Rd., Media PA 19063.

Due to antiquated road numbering using our mailing address in your GPS will not bring you to Linvilla Orchards.

Is Linvilla Orchards accessible by public transportation?
Unfortunately there is no convenient public transportation to Linvilla. The closest train stations are on the R3 line. Moylan Rose and Elwyn Stations are both about 3 miles away with no good way to get here from the stations. There are no sidewalks on the roads. The 117 is the closest bus, but it drops you off ¾ mile away and you have to walk down a windy busy road with no sidewalks.

The R3 Train Schedule is here and the 117 Bus Schedule is here.

Is there an admission or parking fee? No!
There is no fee to come and visit our grounds, see the animals, enjoy our live entertainment at festivals!

Does Linvilla accept credit cards?
We accept cash in all locations and major credit cards (Visa, MC, Discover & American Express) at all locations except: Pony Rides, Train Rides, Playland, Face Painting and some seasonal, fall food concession stands.


Ticket Questions? Email tickets@linvilla.com

Can I change the time or date of my ticket?
Yes, you can. At the very bottom of the confirmation email you received from ShowClix there is a green button that says Exchange Tickets. If you click that button and follow the prompts you will be able to swap your tickets to another date and time this season. To exchange tickets you must exchange the tickets prior to the event time. Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE.

What if I am running late?
No worries! We account for wiggle room with people’s tickets so just take your time and go to your activity as soon as you get here. This does not apply for the last time of the day. If you are going to be late to one of the last time slots of the day you should go to your confirmation email and exchange your tickets. After the time on the ticket has past the tickets are void.

Can I get a refund?
The tickets are non-refundable. If you can not come during your scheduled time, please follow the steps listed above.

Is there a Family Package for multiple activities?
Because our events are each suitable for different age groups, each activity is a separate fee.

How much time do I need to allow between activities?
Please refer to our Pumpkinland Page on our website to see how long each activity lasts. We suggest you allow a minimum of 15 minutes from the end of one activity before the start of the next.

Do I need a ticket for my baby?
Guests 11 months and under are complimentary and do not require a ticket.

Does the Timed Ticket mean I will not have to wait in line?
It does not. It is our hope that the timed tickets will cut down on the lines and waiting but there will still be a brief wait for activities.

Can I buy multiple activities in one transaction?
Choose your event, pick a date and time, click the number of tickets you want, scroll to the bottom of the “your ticket” page and click “find more tickets”. You can repeat this process until you add all your desired activities in your cart.

Can I pay cash for my tickets?
You do have the ability to purchase tickets here at the Ticket Window at the Garden Center, but you may not get the time you desire based on availability. The ticket window uses the same Timed Ticketing software as you do on our website.

Click here to view our ticket policy. 
All ticket questions can be directed to tickets@linvilla.com 

Farming and Pick-Your-Own

How should I dress my children?

We recommend you dress your children according to the weather and your own comfort. If you plan to go out and pick your own fruit, we recommend the children wear sneakers.

Is it muddy?

After it rains there are some areas that are muddy. However, we have many paved paths and many areas are covered with wood chips. The rows between the trees in the orchards are packed earth planted with well maintained orchard grass. Feel free to wear boots!

What is available for Pick your Own Fruit?

Check our pick your own update for the most current up to date information.

Where do we go to Pick Your Own fruit?

Our Pick Your Own shed is located in two locations on Linvill Road. From mid-May thru mid-September you can check in at the top of Pumpkin Place. Check-in closer to West Knowlton Road from mid-September thru early November. There will be someone here to greet you and get you started so your whole family will have a great time picking your own fruit.

Do you use pesticides on your fruit and vegetables?

Although we sometimes carry local organic produce in our Farm Market, the fruit we raise is not organic and Linvilla Orchards is not an organic farm. We do apply appropriate materials when required. We always recommend that you wash your fruits and vegetables before using them, just as you would fruits and vegetables from the grocery store. We strictly adhere to all regulations regarding materials used and we reduce material applications whenever possible. Our farm manager, a graduate of Delaware Valley College of Science & Agriculture, takes continuing education classes and holds an Applicators License from the State of Pennsylvania.

We utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Penn State College of Agricultural Science describes the practice as "an approach to pest control that focuses on pest prevention by eliminating the root causes of pest problems. When infestations are present and require immediate intervention, the safest, most effective methods available for the situation are chosen." You can find more information on their website.

Do your Christmas trees have lanternflys?
The USDA and the Pennsylvania Christmas Tree Growers Association have confirmed that Spotted Lanternflies do not feed on Christmas trees. As of now, we can confirm we haven't seen any indication of Spotted Lanternflies in our Christmas trees. Linvilla Orchards has been very proactive, working in conjunction with USDA, to reduce Linvilla's exposure to the Spotted Lanternfly. Linvilla has implemented the recommended USDA practices which will reduce exposure of the Spotted Lanternfly on our farm.  We are continuing to carefully monitor the Spotted Lanternfly situation. For any questions or concerns please call 610-876-7116.


Do you allow dogs?

No, we do not allow dogs on our grounds. Our primary concern is for the safety of our other guests, especially young children. Dogs can also scare our farm animals & fowl and strange dogs may fight with one another. Furthermore, health regulations forbid animals in our shops or Pick Your Own fields. Service animals are permitted without restriction.

What kind of animals do you have?

You’ll find deer, horses, goats, sheep, chickens and more in our barnyard. You can visit them year-round.

Does Linvilla charge admission to see the animals?

We currently do not charge admission to visit the animals. But the multiple hours of animal care, animal feed, animal medicine, animal vet bills, the maintenance of their housing and fencing and the grounds maintenance is financially dependent on the support of our customers. Linvilla provides many children with their first experience with a goat, sheep, horse, or pig. Please patronize our Farm Market, Garden Center and Pick-Your-Own.

Why might some of the animals look sick?

Some of our farm animals have been with us for many years and Linvilla is a refuge where they can age peacefully. Generally, farm animals are not given that chance to age. Spring and fall are times when animal’s coats change to prepare for the next season.  Often the transition period can make them appear not healthy. We provide great care for our animals and give them a very nice home.

Do the animals have regular veterinary visits?

Yes! We work with multiple veterinarians who come out regularly to do well visits on our animals and sick visits when necessary.

Where do you get the animals?

Some of our animals are born on the Farm, some are rescue animals, and some of our animals are donated or purchased from local farms. We sometimes raise calves from the dairy farm that provides our Farm Market with local fresh milk.

What's up with the deer at Linvilla?

We have had a herd of white tailed deer since the mid 1960's. We are members of the Pennsylvania Deer Farmers Association. We are strictly monitored by PA Department of Agriculture and the USDA. Often in the spring and fall the deer change their coats to prepare them for the next season. This transition is not pretty, but is necessary for the well-being of the animals.

Why do some birds have missing feathers?

Feather loss in birds can be caused by various factors. Common factors include:
Molting - a natural process where chickens lose old feathers to make room for new ones.
Pecking - this is something we monitor, like other animals some birds are not compatible therefore, we monitor relations between the birds and move them around as necessary to make sure all bird mates get along with each other!

Are the birds bored?

We provide enrichment for all of the animals that live on the farm to keep their minds active and that includes the birds! Bird enrichment included dropping produce scraps for them regularly, so they have different textures to peck at!


I'm a local photographer, do I need permission to have a photo shoot?

Yes, you do! All photographers need to be pre-registered with our main office and pay a location fee of $85 to access the farm for your session. We allow photographers to stay on the farm for one hour per session.

If you are interested in more information please email sarahm@linvilla.com  and we will be happy to chat with you!

Farm Market and Bakery

What varieties of pies do you have? How much are your pies? How big are your pies?

Visit our Bakery page to see the large varieties of pies we offer and current pricing.

Do you ship pies?

Sorry, we do not currently ship our pies. We do ship other items from our bakery! See what we offer in our online store.