New in the Garden Center

It’s getting hotter and the plants in the yard are getting brighter! With an overwhelming number of plants in bloom the Garden Center is taking center stage here at the farm. Below are some of the notable plants in the yard but if you are looking for something you don’t see give us a call and chat with a member of our garden center staff!

Butterfly Bushes

It’s the season for butterfly bushes! We have 4 varieties in the yard, Pugster Periwinkle, CranRazz, Pugster Pinker, and Back Knight. All of these bushes will add a gorgeous pop of color in the yard and hopefully bring some butterflies with them!

Native Plants

The native plant section is starting to bloom and is looking gorgeous! A staff favorite right now is the Fizzy Mizzy shrub. This shrub has gorgeous flowers and

Shade Loving Plants

Hydrangeas are coming into bloom in the yard right now and they are stunning! Two notable verities are Blushing Bride and Annabelle. We have some gorgeous hydrangeas (featured in the main photo) in our Native Plant section as well!


Roses are in full bloom and looking phenomenal! We are still very well stocked if you are looking to add some fragrance and color to your garden.


We just got two large deliveries of fresh perennials! When walking around the yard it’s hard to miss the lovely smell near the Dianthus Stargazers. Stargazers are a gorgeous perennial with white and burgundy flower.

Vines/ Climbers

We have a lot of options for vines and climbing plants. A particularly popular plant that we have in stock is the Flirty Girl false hydrangea vine! Firty Girl is a great option if you have brick, stucco, or masonry that it can climb.


Our green house is packed with tropical plants but if you venture our to the garden center yard you can find some too! Cannas can be found outside in the yard, and they are a great option if you are looking to add some tropical flair to your patio or pool this summer.

Water Plants

We still have many of the water plants that we called out in the last post!  They are a fantastic addition to your water feature.