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Fishing is OPEN everyday!
8 am - 7 pm, or dusk if earlier
Strawberry Picking will Open TUESDAY May 26 at 8am!  
Tips for picking your own fruit
Strawberries (Spring)
No Coming Soon
$3.99 lb under 13 lbs.
$2.99 lb 13-17 lbs.
$2.59 lb 17-39 lbs
$1.99 lb over 40 lbs

We will be opening Strawberry Picking on Tuesday May 26 at 8am.

Fishing is OPEN everyday!
8 am - 7 pm, or dusk if earlier
Strawberry Picking will Open TUESDAY May 26 at 8am!  
Tips for picking your own fruit
Apples (Fall)
Golden Delicious, Stayman Winesap, Fuji, Pink Lady, Granny Smith & Gold Rush
Early September Late November
Apples (Summer)
Late July Early September
Mid June Late July
Mid June Mid June
Mid July Late September
Peaches (Yellow)
Late June Mid September
Peaches (White)
Early July Mid September
Peaches (Donut)
Mid July Mid August
Mid August Late September
Early July Mid August
Early July Mid August
Late June Mid August
Mid June Mid July
Raspberries (Fall)
Mid August Late September
Strawberries (Spring)
Late May Late June
Everbearing, Day Neutral
Early July Mid October
Kirby (pickling) and Slicers (traditional cucumbers)
Late June Late July
Mid July Late October
Peppers (Sweet)
Mid July Late October
Peppers (Hot)
Mid July Late October
Summer Squash
Yellow & Green (Zucchini)
Late June Mid September
Mid July Late October
Tomatoes (Green)
Mid July Mid September
Early June Late July
Sweet Corn
Early July Late August
Early June Late June
Mid August Late September
Zinnia's & more!
Late June Late October
Christmas Trees
Douglas Fir & Canaan Fir
Late November Late December

Buy Fresh, Buy Local and Be Green: Pick Your Own!

Support local agriculture while making lifelong memories by picking your own fruit at Linvilla Orchards.

Picking your own fruit is an age-old idea with a fresh new approach. We do the planting and growing. You do the picking. It is as close as you can come to having your own garden without the space, work and expense. Due to our size, we can offer a diverse variety of many fruits and vegetables.

We present the opportunity to learn how different fruit crops are grown, see these fruits ripen and experience the difference in taste and appearance between varieties of each fruit. For instance, we grow 45 varieties of yellow and white peaches, picking for each variety lasts about a week and peach season lasts from July through September. We grow 30 varieties of both eating and cooking apples. Apple picking starts in early August.

"Pick Your Own" is entertaining and fun. It is an outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The fresh air and sunshine are great for your health, the hayride to the fields and orchards is an adventure, and of course the fruit always tastes better when you've just picked it. We also offer helpful suggestions for new ways to prepare and preserve the fruit that you pick.

What better family outing is there than coming to the farm, having a fun-filled experience and ending up with a refrigerator full of great tasting, healthy produce! 

Excellent Picking Conditions 

  1. the fruit is abundant and easily found
  2. it does not require much time to pick and fill a picking container
  3. one does not have to go far or cover much distance or area in the field to fill a picking container
  4. there is more excellent quality fruit
  5. it is the height of the season or one of the peaks of the season 


Good Picking Conditions

  1. the fruit is abundant but not as plentiful or as easily found as when conditions are excellent 
  2. it takes a little longer to pick the same amount of fruit as compared to excellent conditions
  3. you may have to cover more area to fill your container as compared to excellent conditions
  4. the quality of the fruit is still very good
  5. the season may be on the way up or down or we may be in between the peak of a variety of a crop


Fair Picking Conditions

  1. there is not a lot of fruit and the crop might be considered “light”
  2. it takes longer to pick and fill your container
  3. you will have to work harder and cover bigger area to fill your container
  4. the quality can be excellent and there will be pockets of great fruit but it will take more effort. 
  5. the picking can be “fair” when the season is just beginning or when it is ending
  6. often the fruit can be sweeter and the best tasting of the season, but not as pretty, this is especially true towards the end of a crop’s season

Our Crops

Tree Fruits

Apples (Fall)


Linvilla has 25 varieties of apples on 20 acres of orchards. There is nothing like picking and eating a fresh apple right off the tree.

Apples (Summer)


Our summer apples ripen in early-mid August along with peaches. Among our 6 varieties we have both eating and cooking apples. Among our summer apples is the highly sought after Honeycrisp in late August.



Not always available in great numbers due to their sensitivity to frost. When they are available they are a unique treat infrequently offered at other farms or markets.



Like apricots they have a very short season and are sensitive to our Northeast weather conditions! Picking often lasts only one to three days each season.



White and yellow nectarines offer the same juiciness and great flavor as our peaches without the fuzz.



We grow 45 varieties of peaches. The varieties are both yellow and white, freestone and cling. The new early peaches are adding excitement to our early picking season; don't miss our Desiree or Rich May peaches! All of the varieties we grow are sweeter and juicier than anything you'll find in the supermarket. 

Peaches (Donut)


Sometimes called "Saturn Peaches" these are smaller and flatter than regular peaches. They are extremely sweet and their small size makes them great for kids! 



Bartlett, Bosch, Seckel and Vermont Beauties are the four pear varieties offered at Linvilla. Commercial production is limited here in the Northeast so if you like to support local agriculture get your pears at Linvilla!



Our plums are sweeter and smaller than California varieties sold in the supermarket. We've planted a new block of plums and hope to have even more exciting varieties in 2015.




Our thornless blackberries are very large and are one of our easiest berries to pick. They make great jam!



We grow seven varieties of blueberries. Recent studies champion the health benefits of nurtrious blueberries! Many visitors enjoy picking raspberries and blueberries as their seasons coincide for 2 weeks. Have you ever made a raspberry or blueberry pie?

Raspberries (Summer)

Our 6 varieties of raspberries ripen during both an early summer and fall season. Early summer season is late June through mid-July. Raspberries are a little more work to pick than other berries but they're worth the effort!

Raspberries (Fall)


A second smaller crop of raspberries is available mid-September through Early October. Fresh raspberries in your cereal will start your morning right!

Strawberries (Spring)


Our Pick-Your-Own season begins with strawberries in late May. Strawberries is the first PYO crop Linvilla ever offered and they're Farmer Norm's favorite crop! Strawberry picking is one of our best photo opps.  

Strawberries (Summer & Fall)


Our Summer and Fall Variety is Seascape and can be picked from late-June through mid-October. Linvilla is on the cutting edge of ever bearing strawberry production which is new and evolving. We expect to have increased yields in 2013. 




We raise a wide variety of eggplants in an interesting range of shapes and colors. Experiment with a new and different variety on your dinner table!

Peppers (Sweet)


We grow traditional green bell peppers along with yellow and orange bells. Linvilla highly recommends the new Canario pepper, an excellent yellow Marconi, a must try! 

Peppers (Hot)


Linvilla grows a wide variety of hot peppers in varying colors and intensities: Jalapeno, Habanero, Serrano, Cherry Bomb, Cayenne and more! 

Sweet Corn


Linvilla Orchards prides ourselves on picking and selling fresh sweet corn every day in season. We love opening this unique experience to our loyal customers during our annual Sweet Corn & Blackeberry Festival.



Tomatoes are such an exciting vegetable that it's actually a fruit! Hand pick a truly vine-ripe tomato today and experience how tasty a tomato can be. We offer beefsteak, plum, cherry, grape and heirloom varieties.


Other Crops



Fresh rhubarb is crisp and tart.  Cook some down in a sauce pan with sugar to discover a dish from the past.



Linvilla grows three varieties of seeded cooking and eating grapes: Early Concord (Fredonia), Concord and Niagara. Make some jam or squeeze them for juice! 

Minimum Charge and Tips for Picking

Minimum charge resumes in May 2015.

Linvilla Orchards requires a pre-paid $5 minimum charge per person for picking your own fruit. Purchase your tokens and boxes upon check in at our Pick Your Own stand on Linvill Rd. 


  1. every person coming to pick their own fruit, vegetables and flowers must purchase a $5 wooden nickel token every time you visit
  2. tokens may be used to pay for any produce picked at any time
  3. tokens are valid at any time, no cash value, no refunds 
  4. token purchase includes a hayride to the picking fields
  5. minimum charge applies to every person ages 1 year old and older, no charge for infants 0-11 months
  6. NO eating is allowed in fields.


Linvilla Orchards wooden nickel token program will be in place from the opening of strawberry season through September 11, 2015. Beginning September 12, 2015 through the end of the 2015 Fall season, there will be no minimum and no token required. However, customers may use any unused tokens to purchase pick your own fruit at any time. 

  1. Dress comfortably and seasonally appropriate. Sneakers are recommended. 
  2. Be sure to pack a hat and wear sunscreen if you're picking on a hot summer day.
  3. Drink plenty of water.
  4. Bring a camera to capture all of the fun moments with your kids.
  5. Before you start picking with your children, explain to them how to identify ripe fruit. If you need any help we have knowledgeable staff on hand! You can ask at the PYO Shed or any of the hayride drivers.
  6. After a rainy night our fields may be wet, but we do plant grass or put straw down between all our rows of fruit. We work hard to keep these grass areas mowed to make your picking experience enjoyable. 
  7. Customers are required to use our picking boxes.  
  8. Our scales are calibrated for our picking boxes, which means our scales are set to deduct the weight of the box from the fruit so that you don’t get charged for the weight of the box. 
  9. The price for the container is less than our cost and we encourage customers to re-use their containers. Reusing your containers is a great way to recycle and saves you money on your next visit.

We have 3 picking containers: 

  1. ½ Bushel Box, used for tree fruits and vegetables holds about 25 lbs. of produce. ($1)
  2. Berry Flat, which holds about 10 lbs when filled level ($1)
  3. Quart container, used for small quantities of berries (.25 cents)

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