Apple Festival

Bring your whole family for a fun filled day!


Sep 22 Sep 23
8am 7pm
Entertainment Garden
Hosted By
Makin' Music

What to know

Linvilla Orchards’ Apple Festival honors apples every autumn. This legendary festival could not properly be celebrated in just one day! This two day event is hosted by Makin’ Music. Pick Your Own apples are during the height of their season and you can choose from the many varieties grown right here at Linvilla. You won’t want to miss our apple pie eating contest for bushels of fun!

Pumpkinland will also be in full swing, bring your whole family for a fun-filled day! Experience costumed characters, games & contests and live music.

Pick Your Own apples & other fresh fruits and vegetables begins at 8:00 am!

Pie Eating Contest

Enter the apple pie eating contest, featuring our deliciously famous pies, for the chance to win the champion title and a prize! 

How to Enter

  • Complete the short entry form in person beginning at 12pm
  • Entrants for each age group are selected from a hat and called to the stage
  • Contest begins at 2pm
  • When time is up each plate is weighed, whoever ate the most pie wins

Age Brackets

  • 8 – 9: 10 participants, 1/4 pie, 1 minute 
  • 10 – 11: 10 participants, 1/4 pie, 1 minute
  • 12 – 14: 10 participants, 1/4 pie, 1 minute
  • 15 - 17: 9 participants, 1/2 pie, 1.5 minutes
  • 18 & up: 8 participants, whole pie, 2.5 minutes


$25 gift certificate for each age bracket!


It's not fall without a visit to Pumpkinland! Larger than life figures and scarecrows illustrate the legends and lore of the harvest season, local history and some of the many stories of pumpkins and apples.


This weekend's theme: Apples & Superheros!

Costume Characters

  • 11:30am - Patrol Dog
  • 1pm - Absorbent Sea Creature
  • 3pm - Bouncing Tiger

Apple Tasting: All Day

Were you aware of the many delicious varieties of apples and their uses? Bring your questions, because we will have the answers you need!

Some apples are tart and some are sweet. Some make good pies and others tasty treats! Our staff will be in front of Linvilla’s Farm Market all day to let you taste our many varieties and show you the several things you can do with apples all fall.

The Donut Game: 11:15am

This game is more for our younger guests. We will tie one of Linvilla’s famous donuts to one end of a piece of ribbon. The other end of the ribbon will be tied to a clothes line, the length of our stage. Each heat will have about 8 donuts hanging from the clothes line. The goal is to be the first contestant to eat the donut that is dangling in front of your face. The catch? You cannot use your hands! Each heat will be divided by age, just like the pie eating contest. 

Pie Eating Contest: 2pm 

Even if you do not wish to stick your face in some of Linvilla’s own pies, it is definitely a sight to see!

Roasty Toasty

What is a festival without the beloved Roasty Toasty?  He will be here from 11am to 4pm making those delicious ears of corn that we have grown to love!

Officer Offbeat

Officer Offbeat will be here from 12pm to 4pm strolling the area and making you laugh.