Ticket Swap and Refund Policy  

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Our refund policy is much like buying a concert or movie ticket. There are no refunds. We have a limited number of spots for certain nights. Please carefully select the desired date you would like to come. If we close due to unsafe weather conditions we will post it on our website, Instagram & Facebook page. If we cancel and you are already holding tickets, you will receive an email from us offering to swap your tickets for a different night. Tickets are only valid for the same event within the same calendar year.  

If you cannot attend an event due to a personal conflict, we ask that you reach out to us before the date and time on the ticket have passed. Once the date and time on the ticket pass, the tickets are void and cannot be shifted to another date. At any point prior to the timestamp on your ticket you can manage your tickets yourself via your confirmation email from ShowClix.  

Our main priority is always our guests, if you have any questions or concerns regarding tickets please contact tickets@linvilla.com and the team will get back to you within a reasonable time.  

To purchase a ticket for an event at Linvilla Orchards you and your guests must agree to these terms:  

Tickets are non-refundable. If a ticket holder is unable to make their event, the ticket holder may swap their tickets to a different day. All swaps must be made before the date and time on the ticket. After the date and time on the ticket has passed all tickets are void. Tickets can only be used for the same event within the same calendar year. Linvilla Orchards reserves the right to cancel an event due to unsafe conditions (weather, maintenance, staffing, etc.). If an event is cancelled, all ticket holders may transfer their tickets to another date and time within the same calendar year. Ticket holders will be notified of an event cancellation via email. In the event of a cancellation, we will assist ticket holders in swapping their tickets; otherwise, all tickets are void after the date and time on the ticket has passed. Tickets can be swapped via your confirmation email from ShowClix. All ticket questions can be directed to tickets@linvilla.com. ShowClix charges service fees for each ticket; these service fees are not refundable under any circumstance. By purchasing a ticket and attending, the holder and their guests, assumes voluntarily all risk of personal injury and loss or damage to property and releases owners, managers, and employees of all liability. By continuing past this notice, you agree to these terms and the conditions. This is a family event, please be respectful of people and property. For the safety of our guests, firearms, weapons of any kind, and family pets are strictly forbidden. Guests who do not adhere to the rules for any reason or who exhibit improper behavior and/or abuse of equipment is cause for removal from premises and will be escorted off the premises without a refund.