Shade Plants!  

If you are looking to fill some shady space in your garden with plants this year, we have some suggestions! While there are so many great shade plants to choose from, here are a few unique and interesting ones we would like to highlight!  We are here 9 am – 6 pm daily with knowledgeable staff on hand to help you choose the perfect plant for your space!

Acanthus Variegated Bear’s Breeches ‘Whitewater’  

This is a perfect plant if you are a house plant lover who is looking for similar properties in your garden! They get quite large and do well with partial sun. The delicate white edges will burn up if given too much sun. They are toxic to pets and have jagged spikes so their best tucked away where pets and kids don’t play.  

‘Miss Piggy’  
This fun plant has a super unique feature! If you rub the leaves together it sounds like pigs! This shade plant is a great option if you want to make your garden more whimsical for kids (or yourself!)  

Epimedium wushanense  ‘Sandy Claws’ 

We are so excited to have some of these in our shade plant area. This is a popular plant among plant enthusiasts, it has delicate orchid-like flowers and adds great interest to your garden!  

Bleeding Hearts 

Bleeding hearts are a favorite shade plant for many folks. We have 4 varieties in the Garden Center! 3 of the varieties are going to do best in the shade, the Valentine Bleeding Heart with red and white flowers, the While Bleeding Heart with delicate white blooms, and the Gold Heart with stunning gold leaves and crimson flowers.  

If you want the look of a bleeding heart but don’t have a shady spot for them, we have ‘Pink Diamonds’ and they enjoy full or partial sun!  

Acanthus Variegated Bear’s Breeches ‘Whitewater’