Adding Fragrant Plants to Your Garden

There are so many phenomenal plants to choose from to add pleasant scents to your garden! Below we have listed a few, but the garden center yard is full and being stocked multiple times a week. Feel free to stop by and chat with a horticulturist to determine what the right plant for your space is! We are here 9 am – 6 pm daily.

Alabama Crimson Honeysuckle Vine

The first would like to highlight is Lilac! We currently have 5 varieties of Lilac in stock. Bloomerang, Palabim, Miss Kim, Sweet Heat, and Charles Jolly. Lilac is a stunning addition to your garden and is going to give off the most beautiful fragrance! All 5 of these varieties give off the perfect lilac scent and they are all deer resistant. Bloomerang is a favorite around the farm, it will bloom multiple times throughout the year!

Dianthus (pictured below) has a soft pink flower and a light smell; it is also a deer-resistant plant!  

Lastly, Honeysuckle! Honeysuckle is what many people think of when they think of a fragrant flower for your garden and for good reason! They are a tried and true favorite. We have an Alabama Crimson variety in stock that will add a gorgeous pop of color to your space.