Earth Day at Linvilla

Each year, April 22nd gives us an opportunity to reflect on our impact on the environment. Below are a few of the tools we use year-round to make sure we are first and foremost, stewards of the land. To see more ways we are eco-conscious throughout the year see our About Page!

In an extra celebration of Earth Day this year we are offering 25% off all perennials 4/22/22-4/24/22!


Here on the farm, we work My Kitchen Harvest to run a large composting operation! With food scraps from Mother Compost, and My Kitchen Harvest along with local colleges, landscapers, and more we work to reduce the amount of food and plant material that ends up in landfills.

Blue Bird Boxes

Blue Birds are a native bird whose numbers have been significantly reduced by habitat destruction and invasive species competition. We have 30 boxes on the farm. The boxes encourage nesting for them!

Sustainably Harvested Firewood and Smoke Wood

You may have noticed last time you were here, that we have local Fire Wood and Smoke Wood. We sustainably manage our wooded areas to promote biodiversity by harvesting our Fire Wood and Smoke Wood from around the Farm! We also recycle wood from local landscape operations reducing waste and repurposing material.


We work with a local beekeeper to keep our bee population around the farm healthy and thriving! We have a variety of bee boxes around the farm. Next time you are in the market check out our Linvilla’s Own Honey- a great solution to your seasonal allergies!

Shop Local

In our own shopping for both the Farm Market and Garden Center we strive to shop local whenever possible. From Local produce to sourcing plants for local growers we pride ourselves in supporting our local community and reducing our carbon emissions!

By supporting our Farm Market and Garden Center you too can take advantage of local shopping!