It starts with a Seed

Sixty Seconds with Judi

I recently heard that we have broken the record for the warmest February in our recorded history. I know some of you miss the snow and those frosty temperatures. However, I love this weather. It has been so nice to be able to get outside and get an early start on my spring clean-up. I am anxious to get my hands in the dirt and start planting.  I need to continually remind myself that it is February. We could still have many cold days ahead. But, this does not mean you can’t start planting.

Now is the time to start planting your seeds indoors. Choosing seeds can be great fun. You can select unique varieties of vegetables and fruits to add to your garden. Seeds generally are less expensive than buying starter plants and you don’t need fancy equipment to get started.

Begin with a good starter soil. I prefer Organic which in most cases costs the same as any other starter soil. You can use biodegradable pots or start them in egg cartons; preferably cardboard ones. My family likes to use the big plastic clam shell containers that you get lettuce or spinach in. These have a great “greenhouse” affect that helps to keep the soil moist. Then of course you need a good sunny window. During warmer days in the spring I will set them outside during the day and bring them in at night to help them acclimate to the changing temperatures. Once we are past the threat of freezing you can transplant your little plants outside.

So let’s get going.  Break out those gardening supplies and remember it all starts with a seed.

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