Veggies! (And More)    

It’s time to think about planting your veggies!! Our resident horticulturist, Heather, suggests coming out this weekend to plan your garden and then put your plants in the ground as soon as Monday! 

Below you can find a list of veggies (and more) we currently have in stock, but we are getting new orders multiple times a week!  

Acorn Squash • Bush Beans • Corn • Cucumbers • Eggplants • Herbs • Hot Peppers • Lettuce • Melons • Okra • Peanuts • Pumpkins • Summer Squash • Sweet Peppers • Tomatillos • Tomatoes • Zucchini 

Our Garden Center team does an amazing job keeping multiple varieties of each vegetable in stock and finding unique specialty varieties too. The selection of hot peppers in stock is fantastic. Ranging all through the Scoville Scale, our hottest being a Carolina Reaper, followed by Trinidad Scorpion Pepper, Ghost Chili, Caribbean Hot Red, Scotch Bonnet, Tabasco, Super Chili, Serrano, Chipotle, Long Hots, Siracha, Holy Mole, and Gog Bao. If you are a pepper lover or just someone looking to incorporate more spice into your garden this year, we definitely have something for you!  

Shifting away from heat, we have lots of Okra, Artichokes, and Beans in stock! A fun tip from Heather is to use artichokes in decorative plantings! She said she has used them a few times and they make a great gorgeous addition in the center of an arrangement.  

Lastly, we want to highlight two plants that are particularly fun if you have kids! The first is popcorn! We have a selection of corn in very cute movie theater-style containers. Peanuts are another unique plant we are offering

We are open 9 am – 6 pm daily with staff on hand to help you choose the perfect veggies for your garden.