The Amazing Rudbeckia!  

Each year, The Perennial Plant Association chooses a perennial of the year, this year it is the American Gold Rush Black-Eyed Susan! 

Here at Linvilla, we are big fans of Black-Eyed Susans! They are native perennials that do well in a variety of conditions. They love the sun and will tolerate it through the summer! In the heat of the summer, when all of your white flowers are starting to look a little tired from the sun, your black-eyed susans will be shining bright and vibrant as ever! They will also hold valuable color in your garden far past the summer. In the fall, they will be a great companion for mums and asters.  

Some of the varieties we currently have in stock will grow up to 7’ tall! Not many perennials will grow that tall, making them an excellent option for the back of your garden beds. 

We currently have 7 varieties of Black-Eyed Susans in stock including, ‘Goldsturm’, ‘Irish Eyes’, ‘Great Coneflower’ and ‘American Gold Rush’ They are about to start flowering, so it’s a perfect time to add them to your garden! We are here 8 am – 6 pm daily with knowledgeable staff to help you pinpoint the ideal plant for your space.