So, you’ve taken your Christmas décor down and your house is looking a little bare, how are you going to fill the space? House plants! The greenhouse is overflowing with so many house plants, but we would like to focus on one in particular – Philodendron.  

Philodendron is such a versatile plant – there is one for everyone! We currently have 18 varieties of philodendron. Most philodendron require bright light, high humidity, and no draft (think heat registers, doors, windows). They require regular watering and well-draining soil.  

There are climbing varieties (pink princesses, silver sword, plowmanii, or Dubia). There are also fuzzy varieties (Fuzzy Petiole, Squam Terum), varieties with colored stems (Mcolley’s Finale) variegated varieties (pink princess, silver sword). With so many options you are sure to find a philodendron that works for you.
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