Instant Gratification with Green!  

Winter is wrapping up and spring is starting to peak through (finally!). Many folks are anxious to see some green in their yard again. I walked around the garden center yard with Heather, one of our staff horticulturalists, and she pointed out some of her recommendations for folks who are looking to get some green in their yard right now! We are getting multiple deliveries a week and the yard is starting to fill up. We are here seven days a week 9 am – 6 pm with knowledgeable staff on hand to help you decide what the best plants are for your space! 

The first plants Heather pointed out were the Gardenias. They are an evergreen shrub with lovely blooms that smell amazing. They will re-bloom a few times throughout the season. They are hardy up to zone 6b so they do really well here! Many folks will plant them near the foundation of their house as they stay relatively low to the ground.  

Another fantastic evergreen is a Sothern Magnolia! We have two varieties in stock, an Edith Bogue as well as Bracken’s Brown Beauty. The Eith Bogue will get quite large – up to sixty feet tall, while the Bracken’s Brown Beaty will cap around thirty to fifty feet. Heather noted that Bracken’s Brown is a better option if you have less space to work with. They both produce gorgeous creamy and white flowers.  

Arborvitae is another fantastic option for screening and privacy that will prove you a green element in your landscape all year! Emerald Green will stay smaller, about twelve feet high by three feet wide. If height is what you are after, Green Giant grows thirty to forty feet tall and ten to fifteen feet wide.