Feeling February

Sixty Seconds with Judi

Here we are barely a month and a half into the new year, and I have already abandoned my New Years resolutions. Now, as we approach Valentine’s day, I realize the last thing I need is a box of chocolates or fancy candies. Flowers are always nice however; they really don’t last that long. So, what is left you may ask?

How about we give the gift that keeps on giving? Why not a deep green tropical plant? Or a lovely flowering house plant? Besides adding beauty to your home plants offer a bevy of other benefits.

Did you know that by adding a few plants to your home or office they can: Boost your mood, concentration and creativity! Plants help to reduce stress, alleviate fatigue, Clean the air by absorbing toxins, and they add oxygen! Our green little friends also add life to a sterile room, help to reduce noise levels and add a little privacy or separation in a cubicle or boxy room.

With all that plants have to offer why not give a beautiful plant for Valentines? We have something for everyone here in the Garden Center at Linvilla Orchards. Even those with brown thumbs! Come on in and talk with us we will help you figure out the best plant for your Valentine. And, by the way, Throw in a box of chocolates. I still love them too!