Easter Flowers!

Hippity Hoppity over to the Garden Center to bring in spring colors! Easter Flowers are here! 

Looking to bring flowers into your home? Asiatic Lillies are a wonderful choice! It is a bit premature to put them outside yet, but you can enjoy them inside until it is time to move them! Once the temperature is above 50 degrees it is safe to put them outside. Right now, many of the blooms are still closed but in warm conditions, they should open before easter! As always, make sure that lilies stay away from cats!  

If you are looking for something to put outside right away, Tulips and Hyacinths are great choices (Hyacinth smells amazing!!) We also have a great selection of Daffodils and Crocus. A fun fact about Crocus: saffron originates from crocus sativus!  

With so many gorgeous options you are sure to find something that works for you! We are here 9 am – 6 pm daily with staff on hand to help you choose the perfect plants for you!