50% off Vegetables… Oyster Mushrooms… and more!

Every winter, our Farm Market offers 50% off vegetables! This sale is insane and kind of hard to believe, but is exactly what it sounds like, 50% off veggies no hidden caveats, no gimmicks, just one insane sale.  

Our produce team does an amazing job stocking unique produce as well as grocery store staples. This week, we have some stunning oyster mushrooms and at 50% off it’s a great time to give them a shot! A popular way to eat oyster mushrooms is sautéed with garlic and butter. You can use them to top steak, chicken, or even avocado toast! While you are here, you can also stock up on broccoli, carrots, potatoes, garlic, and all your other staple products. We are here 9am – 5pm daily.