Red Haven Peaches

Red Haven peaches are a popular and widely cultivated peach variety known for their excellent flavor, juiciness, and versatility. Red Haven peaches are celebrated for their deliciously sweet and mildly tart flavor. The balance of sweetness and acidity makes them enjoyable for fresh eating as well as for use in various culinary applications.
The skin of Red Haven peaches is typically bright red with a yellow background when ripe. The flesh inside is yellow, and it has a smooth texture. The flesh of Red Haven peaches is firm, yet it has a juicy and succulent texture. It easily separates from the stone or pit. These peaches are medium to large in size and have a round or slightly flattened shape. They are visually appealing with their vibrant red and yellow coloring. Red Haven peaches are versatile and can be enjoyed fresh, sliced in salads, used in desserts, or made into jams and preserves. They are often used in baking, grilling, or canning due to their firm texture.