Viva la Foodie!

Sixty Seconds with Judi

Sixty Seconds with Judi

I was thinking the other day as I watched the food network; when did this obsession with designer food begin? Have we always been as obsessed with our culinary delights as we are now? Or is this something relatively new?

Let’s face it we have always loved to eat. But now it seems everything needs to be layered in flavors and comes with a whole new vocabulary. We notice the lack of acidity, or the addition of bright flavors and floral notes.  Do you think our mother’s thought of this when they filled our plates with meatloaf and mashed potatoes? Did Mom say “oh my, some chives will add a fresh note to my dish” or “Should I add some lemon rind to the carrots”?  I think not! Even with the culinary expertise of Julia Child on our television sets I am not sure we had quite the same “foodie” revolution that we have now.

These days this “Foodie” revolution has even moved into the Food Truck industry. Remember when food trucks were someplace you ate when nothing else was available? Well those days are over! Now they are filled with French Crepes, Freshly made pasta, and farm fresh fruits and vegetables.

Well to this revolution I say “Viva la Foodie”! I thoroughly embrace this movement of making food an event. I love the new vocabulary and that even the common home cook has now become a gourmet!

So join us this weekend for our own Foodie revolution as we host Linvilla Orchards very first Food Truck Frenzy!

Also coming up at Linvilla:

Sunday, July 22nd Gardening with Children 10:00 am Miss Marcia will be talking dirt, Compost that is. She will show you the importance of worms in your garden. You will go home with your very own worm farm. Registration required. 610-876-7116

Wednesday, July 25th Summer Science and Nature Series 11am Fee $10 Owls and What They Eat In this class Miss Marcia will be talking about Owls and their prey. Each child will get to play forensic scientist as they dissect an owl pellet and identify his meal. Registration is required

Saturday, June 28th 10:00 am Build your own Terrarium – 10:00 Fee $35.00        this is one of our more popular classes. We supply everything you need to build your own beautiful terrarium. You can choose from a variety of containers and plants and our knowledgeable Garden Center staff will guide you through the entire process. This class fills up quickly Call ahead to register 610-876-7116