Happy Father’s Day

Sixty Seconds with Judi

Now, I don’t know about you, but buying my Dad a Father’s Day gift is always so much more difficult than choosing something for my mom. My dad is a practical man. One year I bought him a very expensive sweater which he wore to paint the house.  At that moment I knew I had to change my approach. Through the years I have bought him ties, coffee mugs, and of course the Star Trek t-shirt all of which he used, but I’m not so sure the sentiment was what I really wanted it to be.

All dads are different; they each have their hobbies and interests. My dad didn’t have a lot of hobbies when I was growing up. He had 6 children and there was not much time for anything else. He was, however, the neighborhood Boy Scout leader for 30 years so I guess this provided him with his activities outside the house and fulfilled his love for the outdoors. But, with 6 kids and a full-time job it’s hard to find that one on one time with each child.

Yet, through the years even though my father greeted each gift with a smile and a hug I think all I really needed to give him was time.

This Sunday June 17th is Father’s Day. I can’t think of better way to spend time with your dad than hanging out at Orchard Lake. Grab your pole, or rent one, and sit under the tree by the lake and create a wonderful memory for you both. Dads fish for free with the price of a child’s admission.  Maybe you can have a laugh later as you tell your fish tales to the rest of the family.

If fishing isn’t Dad’s thing, I am sure he loves to eat so stop by for:

Smokin’ with the Boys is at 10am on Sunday June 17th. Learn the secrets to smoking great meats and other side dishes. Smokewood Steve will teach you different techniques and tips as well as cover what types of wood to use.  This class is free, but registration is required. Participants will enjoy samples made in the class.

June is full of family fun. Take a look at some upcoming events:

On Saturday, June 23rd at 10am, you can Build your own Terrarium. We supply everything you need to build your own beautiful terrarium. You can choose from a variety of containers and plants and our knowledgeable Garden Center staff will guide you through the entire process. This is one of our more popular classes, so please call (610) 876-7116 to register. Fee $35

On Wednesday June 27th at 10am, we present Summer Time Science and Nature- History and Archaeology in a bag. Students are introduced to the world of an archaeologist through a collection of prehistoric and historic artifacts, maps, tools and hands-on laboratory work. Activities are adapted to highlight fieldwork, laboratory practices or mapping skills. Classes are hosted by the Delaware County Historical Society.  Please call (610) 876-7116 to register.  Fee $10