9″ Mum Sale

Mums are the quintessential fall plant and it’s one of the most diverse
plants to have in your home. Mum season is in full swing, and our Garden Center
is looking phenomenal! While supplies last we are offering a discounted price
on our 9″ mums.

$5 each + tax

10 for $40 + tax

While supplies last

If you are purchasing mums for short term decoration you can’t go wrong! You
can keep them in the shade or the sun if you are just keeping them for short
term decoration. Just make sure wherever you keep them, you give them plenty of
water! Mums are a very thirsty plant but, given enough water they will thrive
in many conditions. A tip from one of our horticulturalists, Heather, is if you
are looking to keep your mums for a month or so and want the color to stay
vibrant – go with a deep color mum! The deeper the color the longer they stay
looking nice and vibrant.

Another option for your mums is to plant them in the ground. Mums are a
tender perennial so given the right conditions, they will come back again next
year. If you do plant your mums, cut them back in July to encourage a fall

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