Dedication of a Legacy

Sixty Seconds with Judi

Sit back and get comfortable I have a story I would like to tell you.

A long time ago, 1914 to be exact, Arthur Linvill and his mother Lydia purchased a farm. This beautiful piece of property was so much more than a place to raise his 3 boys. It became part of the family, a part of the community, a legacy to touch the lives of millions of people. Yes, I said millions!

Move ahead 105 years with Paul, Arthur’s son, at the helm steering us into the future. We have grown into a destination for every family to enjoy. A piece of nature to share, a farming experience that most would never know without this treasure.

This year we will celebrate our 105th year of sharing this treasure with a Legacy Tree. Dedicated to the many men and women who have made Linvilla Orchards possible. When you gaze at this mighty sculpture you will see a farmer at the focal point who represents Arthur and his mother Lydia. Paul is represented by the hat and sexton. The hat representing his signature style. The sextan represents his passion for sailing and for guiding Linvilla through the winds of change while keeping us on course.

If you look further around the mighty oak, planted by Paul from an acorn, you will see many representations of nature. Linvilla’s 350 acres supports sustainable agriculture and a multitude of wildlife that are depicted around the tree. Look to see how many fruits and vegetables you find.

Join us on April 7th, 2019 for our dedication ceremony of this beautiful story on a tree. Sculpted for us by Don Lowing, his master carving skills will have you in awe of this magnificent work of art.

After all these years I can’t help but wonder if Arthur knew the impact his farm would have on our community.