Firewood, Smokewood, Soils & Mulch

Buy in bulk and save in bulk!

Buy in bulk and save in bulk!

What to know

Linvilla’s Own compost, mulch, topsoil, garden soil, and mushroom soil are sold in bulk by the cubic yard.


Warm up those cold nights with a cozy fire!

Linvilla’s firewood is locally-harvested, mixed hardwood. The wood is split and seasoned for one year before it is ready for sale. Firewood is sold in these quantities for pick up:

Bundles - $6.95  (0.75 cubic feet) 

Wrapped, easy to carry and enough for a small fire.

Shopping Cart - $17.99 (4.5 cubic feet)

The right amount for a fire or two in a fireplace or outdoor fire pit.

Bin  - $64.99 (26 cubic feet)

Perhaps a season’s worth of wood for your fireplace. You’ll need a SUV or truck to take home this amount of wood.

For families who use their fireplaces frequently or heat their home with a wood stove, we offer half-cords and full cords of firewood:

Half Cord - $150.00 (64 cubic feet)

Pick up only

Cord  – Pick up for $279.00 (128 cubic feet)

Delivered - $329.00 (within 5 miles) 

$5.00 per mile over 5 miles
Delivery to Philadelphia: Minimum charge is $100.00


Smoke Wood


The best way to get that authentic smoky flavor!

Barbecue and smoking enthusiasts know that Linvilla is a great source for a large variety of grilling and smoking woods. Using different varieties of wood for smoking or grilling imparts your meats and fish with distinctive – and mouthwatering – aromas.


Bushel boxes  $19.99  (approx 1.24 lbs)

Our smoking wood is harvested from the orchards and native woodlands on the farm. We cut these varieties into convenient-sized chunks and sell them in crates for the home smoker.

Varieties of Crated Smoke Woods

Our most popular smoke woods – apple, cherry, peach and hickory, along with oak and pear when available – are also sold as small rounds or split logs, sized for commercial smokers and restaurant grills and ovens.

Our selection of crated fruit woods and hardwoods varies depending on availability, but often includes:

Apple • Ash • Apricot • Beech • Cherry • Chestnut • Hickory • Grapevine • Maple • Mulberry • Oak • Peach • Pear • Pecan • Plum • Sassafras • Willow • Walnut

We also offer our own special smoke wood blends, depending on the season:

  • Christmas Blend (fruit and nut wood)
  • Linvilla Blend (apple, chestnut and peach)
  • Orchard Blend (mixed fruitwood)
  • Porkilicious Blend (apple, cherry and oak)
  • Thanksgiving Blend (apple, maple and pear)
  • Sassy Apple! Blend (apple, sassafras and spicebush)
Try a new variety of smoke wood. It will only burnish your reputation as a pit master!

Shopping Carts and Bins

Shopping Cart  - $24.99 (4.5 cubic feet)
Bin  - $74.99 (26 cubic feet)

Select Wood Chips -1/2 bushel boxes

$11.99 (0.62 cubic feet) - are often available.


$26.00/yard (plus delivery and tax)

$199.00 7 yards (truck load special delivered within 5 miles)

  • Made at Linvilla from shredded local trimming
  • Triple ground all natural with a pinch of mushroom soil (undyed)
  • Linvilla’s mulch is better than the typical mulch because our trimmings have heartwood and bark which leaves more nutrients in the soil beneath it
  • Will break down into a rich layer of compost in about one year
  • Recommended for weed prevention in garden pathways


Made at Linvilla with Linvilla’s own compost and with the compost from Kitchen Harvest’s compost collection service

$40.00 per yard (plus delivery and tax)

Compost must be purchased by the yard

  • Improves soil drainage
  • Adds soil porosity for stronger plant roots
  • Multiplies soil micro-organisms
  • Makes soil nutrients more readily available to plants
  • Mix compost into existing garden soil for all of the above benefits
  • Sow grass or plant seeds directly into compost for great germination
  • Top dress beds or lawns with compost for healthy plant growth



  • $30/yard (plus delivery and tax)

Screened topsoil recovered from various Linvilla farm projects

Great soil for filling and grading projects

Garden Soil

  • $38/yard (plus delivery and tax)

Screened 50/50 blend of our compost and topsoil

Fill empty raised beds, pots and planters with our garden soil for all of the benefits of compost-enriched new soil

Mushroom Soil

  • $20/yard Unscreened

  • $30/yard screened (plus delivery and tax)

Our Mushroom soil is brought in from Mushroom farms in Kennett. We turn and aerate the soil to prepare it for our farm fields. Adding the rich nutrients into the soil aids in healthier plants.

Bulk Delivery Options

Compost, mulch, topsoil, garden soil, and mushroom soil are sold in bulk by the cubic yard.

One delivery is up to 7 yards. We can split the truck into two types of soil or mulch if requested.

Normal delivery days are Friday and Saturday.


  • $50.00 within 5-mile radius, then $5.00 per mile over 5 miles
  • Delivery to Philadelphia: Minimum charge is $100.00

Firewood deliveries = Minimum 1 cord. All other quantities must be picked up.