Farm Market

Fresh produce, baked goods, gourmet specialties, handmade candies & much more.

Fresh produce, baked goods, gourmet specialties, handmade candies & much more.

What to know

Linvilla Orchards Farm Market is full of fresh produce, baked goods and gourmet specialties throughout the year. We sell a wide range of seasonally homegrown and locally sourced fruits and vegetables.

Holiday meals are incomplete without one of our signature pies. Our homemade salsas and guacamole impress customers every single day. A spectacular array of preserves, mixes, sauces and snacks makes the Farm Market an extraordinary shopping experience.

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Growing Hope with City Team

Growing up, we were told that if we eat our fruits and vegetables, we will grow up to be big and strong.  As adults today, whether we are parents, caregivers, teachers or siblings, we try our best to instill that same message in those that we influence. We can preach until we run out of breath, but if we do not have the means to offer these nutritious goodies, then our teachings fall short. Hopefully, we can put an end to that. Linvilla Orchards and City Team are joining forces to collect as much fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. This program can only be successful with the help of you.

Starting July 18th, we will be setting up a table out front of the Farm Market every Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 7pm. It will be staffed solely with volunteers who feel as strongly as we do about making sure healthy food is available for those in need. City Team will be by every Monday morning to pick up your donations and bring them back to their hub to be distributed.  If this program is successful, we would like to change with the seasons. Around Thanksgiving, we will be asking for the fixings to make a healthy feast. Come Christmas, we will strive for coats and toys! If you think of items that others may be without, feel free to bring them in. Your generosity will never be too small or too big!

Interested in donating? Drop off at our Farm Market Office or contact Doreen at!