Strawberry Festival

Celebrate the peak of the local Strawberry season!


Jun 2
8am 7pm
Entertainment Garden
Hosted By
Makin' Music
Rain Date
June 3, 2018

What to know

Linvilla Orchards's Strawberry Festival takes place annually at the beginning of June during the peak of the local Strawberry Season. With acres of Strawberries, you can pick your own delicious, fresh strawberries from our fields.

Every year, Linvilla’s Bakery presents the Delaware County’s largest Strawberry Shortcake...  you’ve got to see it to believe it!  Carrying on with tradition, our homemade Strawberry Shortcake will be presented at precisely 11am.

Pick Your Own Strawberries will begin at 8:00 am! 


Costumed Characters 

  • 11:30 am - TBD
  • 1pm - TBD
  • 2pm - TBD

Musical Performance 

To help us celebrate this very special day, our friends from Makin’ Music will be here to guide us through today’s theme- Princes & Princesses.  Makin’ Music’s shows are fresh, original and loved by parents and children alike. They bring music, games, prizes, crafts, costume characters and good old-fashioned family fun with them every visit! Today will full of Space Exploration activities and, of course, Strawberries!

Royal Crafts, Games & Contests will be happening throughout the day. Our featured book of the day will be "Not all Princesses Dress in Pink" AND we will be having a special appearance from Princess Belle at 12:30pm!

Star-studded performances from our friends of Makin' Music and photo opportunities with our visiting friends.

Strawberry Jammin’ with Judi: 11am to 2pm

Judi will be hanging out in front of our Farm Market preparing homemade Strawberry Jam and giving you pointers about how to preserve that freshly picked fruit! She’ll have yummy samples available and answers to all of your questions.

The Doughnut Game!

We take one of our famous Apple Cider Donuts and tie a ribbon around it.  We then tie the other side of the ribbon to a stage-length clothes line.  We dangle 8 to 10 donuts in the air.  Each contestant that is chosen will come up on stage and kneel under their donut of choice.  When we say “GO”, the contestants will then begin to try to be the first person to eat the dangling donut without it falling to the ground.  The only rule is, you cannot use your hands!  This game is not only tasty, but very entertaining for onlookers.  On top of that, we will be using a specially made batch of strawberry donuts for this event- yes, you read that correctly!